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Off and On (Warning Ranty and includes a list)

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  • Off and On (Warning Ranty and includes a list)

    So recently Ive been really sick. The decision about whats going on is still out but the following may be the case.
    1: Im on very powerful twice-daily medications ( nope not the kind you get when you're nutters) which may or may not be reacting with antibiotics I took without a doctors recommendation.
    2:Im reacting to a change in one of my medications that occurred about two weeks ago.
    3: I have pneumonia.
    4: Im Patient Zero in what will become the next great test of womankind's patience, pain tolerance and ability to keep down any amount of food for longer than four hours but it wont matter because

    That said I feel awful (Physically), and also feel bad for being so semi-present and slow during this time. The above are theories, which have yet to be tested, but Ive stopped taking the antibiotics just in case. I have an extremely full schedule and one vehicle which is shared most of the week. Why am I giving you all this personal information? Besides it causing a lot of stress at home, its because Im sick and pouty and feel like venting (and I cant watch Princess Bride because the dvd player got killed by a four year old). Please please please excuse my random afk's popouts and poofs for a bit while I try to course correct and re-establish a non-achey, less vomitus filled routine.

    <3<3<3-Britts Natural-<3<3<3

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    Awww! I hope you feel better soon <3 And that you get to watch your movie and not turn into a zombie!


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