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Mandatory family fun time!

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  • Mandatory family fun time!

    Hey all!

    Just wanted to give you a heads up that my silly family is dragging me away for vacation Friday. I'll probably be on a lot that day cause its a super long drive but Saturday-Wednesday my daytime hours, while normally pretty light due to work(ha<.< I feel better when I lie to myself) will be spotty to nonexistent. They actually expect me to spend time with them! Can you believe this blasphemy?You will still see me though - I'll still be on around my normal evening hours! Give or take a little bit.

    I'll be back thursday day for the drive/home relaxed time and then almost nonexistent Friday again while I catch up at work. Everything will be back to my normal schedule by Saturday but if your a day player and need V for anything this week or to complete anything with her just give me a poke and I'll make sure to make time!....while at work >.>

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