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Funny moments in Alpha Colony

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  • 21:57 [Com|Arden] "Yeah, I think you threatened me. Something about defectives and me being drunk. I don't remember."
    21:58 [Com|Hanneman] "Yes, I remember you now."
    21:59 [Com|Arden] "I'm sure the memories are amazing."
    22:00 [Com|Hanneman] "Not particularly. I probably should have shot you, but I was being nice."
    22:03 [Com|Arden] "I'm too cool to shoot."
    22:06 [Com|Hanneman] "Improbable. Bio-organic carbon is a superconductive material; the colder it gets, the more easily it conducts electromotive force. You would actually be easier to shoot with an EM pulse rifle if you were cool."
    22:08 [Com|Arden] "I'm too hot to shoot."
    22:09 [Com|Hanneman] "That makes more sense. I will adjust my targeting sensor accordingly."
    22:11 [Com|Arden] "Can't. I'm just too hot."
    22:12 [Com|Hanneman] "Have you achieved spontaneous oxydization?"
    22:12 [Com|Arden] "...yes...?"
    22:13 [Com|Hanneman] "Advise your location, then. I have an extinguisher, I will assist you."
    22:14 [Com|Arden] "Too late. I am dead."
    22:16 [Com|Hanneman] "I am sorry to hear that, Citizen. I will collect your corpse. I am certain the doctors will be interested to study a meta that achieved a death state due to spontaneous combustion."
    22:17 [Com|Arden] "Shweeeet...and now I go to bed."

    Acting Ambassador and Captain of the Avoirdupois, and Squire to Mareshal Bayard d'Avoirdupois


    • Hanneman peers at a biomechanical parrot of magnificent plumage, "Annoying robot."
      A biomechanical parrot of magnificent plumage sqwaks, ''Annoying robot.!''
      Hanneman throws green tea at a biomechanical parrot of magnificent plumage.
      Hanneman mutters to himself.

      --#~ Vesper ~#--


      • 00:38 [Com|Hanneman] "I chased it into the tunnels."
        00:39 [Com|Vesper] "Chasing, chasing... SO much fun."
        00:39 [Com|Vesper] "I just LOVE chasing."
        00:39 [Com|Vesper] "You have to chase everything here"
        00:45 [Com|Hanneman] "There. I have sealed the tunnel hatchway. That should hold it until we can hunt it down."
        01:11 [Com|StoryHost Lazarus] "ooc: titles do make the who list look longer"
        01:12 [Com|Field-Medic Vesper] "ooc: Ha! Hahaha! Hahahahaha. Yes."
        01:12 [Com|Grand Exalted Poobah Hanneman] "ooc; only the long, ridiculous ones."
        01:22 [Com|StoryHost Lazarus] "ooc: *waves* Have a goodnight"