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  • 21:57 [Com|Arden] "Yeah, I think you threatened me. Something about defectives and me being drunk. I don't remember."
    21:58 [Com|Hanneman] "Yes, I remember you now."
    21:59 [Com|Arden] "I'm sure the memories are amazing."
    22:00 [Com|Hanneman] "Not particularly. I probably should have shot you, but I was being nice."
    22:03 [Com|Arden] "I'm too cool to shoot."
    22:06 [Com|Hanneman] "Improbable. Bio-organic carbon is a superconductive material; the colder it gets, the more easily it conducts electromotive force. You would actually be easier to shoot with an EM pulse rifle if you were cool."
    22:08 [Com|Arden] "I'm too hot to shoot."
    22:09 [Com|Hanneman] "That makes more sense. I will adjust my targeting sensor accordingly."
    22:11 [Com|Arden] "Can't. I'm just too hot."
    22:12 [Com|Hanneman] "Have you achieved spontaneous oxydization?"
    22:12 [Com|Arden] "...yes...?"
    22:13 [Com|Hanneman] "Advise your location, then. I have an extinguisher, I will assist you."
    22:14 [Com|Arden] "Too late. I am dead."
    22:16 [Com|Hanneman] "I am sorry to hear that, Citizen. I will collect your corpse. I am certain the doctors will be interested to study a meta that achieved a death state due to spontaneous combustion."
    22:17 [Com|Arden] "Shweeeet...and now I go to bed."

    Acting Ambassador and Captain of the Avoirdupois, and Squire to Mareshal Bayard d'Avoirdupois


    • Hanneman peers at a biomechanical parrot of magnificent plumage, "Annoying robot."
      A biomechanical parrot of magnificent plumage sqwaks, ''Annoying robot.!''
      Hanneman throws green tea at a biomechanical parrot of magnificent plumage.
      Hanneman mutters to himself.

      --#~ Vesper ~#--


      • 00:38 [Com|Hanneman] "I chased it into the tunnels."
        00:39 [Com|Vesper] "Chasing, chasing... SO much fun."
        00:39 [Com|Vesper] "I just LOVE chasing."
        00:39 [Com|Vesper] "You have to chase everything here"
        00:45 [Com|Hanneman] "There. I have sealed the tunnel hatchway. That should hold it until we can hunt it down."
        01:11 [Com|StoryHost Lazarus] "ooc: titles do make the who list look longer"
        01:12 [Com|Field-Medic Vesper] "ooc: Ha! Hahaha! Hahahahaha. Yes."
        01:12 [Com|Grand Exalted Poobah Hanneman] "ooc; only the long, ridiculous ones."
        01:22 [Com|StoryHost Lazarus] "ooc: *waves* Have a goodnight"


        • So I have had a lot of funny moments in the last little while but I thought this needed to be revived -

          You glance at your soft golden copper hair attemptingly, "Next time I am waiting for Eva. Creepy men."
          Araine shifts her round jade eyes, "They are creepy."
          The pale synthetic groomer makes odd grunting noises.

          Well, now don't I just feel so much safer <.<


          • Engineer Kryble decides, "Dumb question, who doesnt like noodles?"
            Troubule expresses to Engineer Kryble, "They sound unpleasant."
            Marcus says, "I will try noodles if you are offering."
            Engineer Kryble apparently finds Troubule, "This lady doesnt like noodles."


            • Octavia tackles Malice.
              Octavia really hugs Malice.
              You giggle at Octavia.
              Malice hugs you.
              Octavia gasps.
              Malice hugs Octavia really.