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  • 21:57 [Com|Arden] "Yeah, I think you threatened me. Something about defectives and me being drunk. I don't remember."
    21:58 [Com|Hanneman] "Yes, I remember you now."
    21:59 [Com|Arden] "I'm sure the memories are amazing."
    22:00 [Com|Hanneman] "Not particularly. I probably should have shot you, but I was being nice."
    22:03 [Com|Arden] "I'm too cool to shoot."
    22:06 [Com|Hanneman] "Improbable. Bio-organic carbon is a superconductive material; the colder it gets, the more easily it conducts electromotive force. You would actually be easier to shoot with an EM pulse rifle if you were cool."
    22:08 [Com|Arden] "I'm too hot to shoot."
    22:09 [Com|Hanneman] "That makes more sense. I will adjust my targeting sensor accordingly."
    22:11 [Com|Arden] "Can't. I'm just too hot."
    22:12 [Com|Hanneman] "Have you achieved spontaneous oxydization?"
    22:12 [Com|Arden] "...yes...?"
    22:13 [Com|Hanneman] "Advise your location, then. I have an extinguisher, I will assist you."
    22:14 [Com|Arden] "Too late. I am dead."
    22:16 [Com|Hanneman] "I am sorry to hear that, Citizen. I will collect your corpse. I am certain the doctors will be interested to study a meta that achieved a death state due to spontaneous combustion."
    22:17 [Com|Arden] "Shweeeet...and now I go to bed."

    Acting Ambassador and Captain of the Avoirdupois, and Squire to Mareshal Bayard d'Avoirdupois


    • Hanneman peers at a biomechanical parrot of magnificent plumage, "Annoying robot."
      A biomechanical parrot of magnificent plumage sqwaks, ''Annoying robot.!''
      Hanneman throws green tea at a biomechanical parrot of magnificent plumage.
      Hanneman mutters to himself.

      --#~ Vesper ~#--


      • 00:38 [Com|Hanneman] "I chased it into the tunnels."
        00:39 [Com|Vesper] "Chasing, chasing... SO much fun."
        00:39 [Com|Vesper] "I just LOVE chasing."
        00:39 [Com|Vesper] "You have to chase everything here"
        00:45 [Com|Hanneman] "There. I have sealed the tunnel hatchway. That should hold it until we can hunt it down."
        01:11 [Com|StoryHost Lazarus] "ooc: titles do make the who list look longer"
        01:12 [Com|Field-Medic Vesper] "ooc: Ha! Hahaha! Hahahahaha. Yes."
        01:12 [Com|Grand Exalted Poobah Hanneman] "ooc; only the long, ridiculous ones."
        01:22 [Com|StoryHost Lazarus] "ooc: *waves* Have a goodnight"


        • So I have had a lot of funny moments in the last little while but I thought this needed to be revived -

          You glance at your soft golden copper hair attemptingly, "Next time I am waiting for Eva. Creepy men."
          Araine shifts her round jade eyes, "They are creepy."
          The pale synthetic groomer makes odd grunting noises.

          Well, now don't I just feel so much safer <.<


          • Engineer Kryble decides, "Dumb question, who doesnt like noodles?"
            Troubule expresses to Engineer Kryble, "They sound unpleasant."
            Marcus says, "I will try noodles if you are offering."
            Engineer Kryble apparently finds Troubule, "This lady doesnt like noodles."


            • Octavia tackles Malice.
              Octavia really hugs Malice.
              You giggle at Octavia.
              Malice hugs you.
              Octavia gasps.
              Malice hugs Octavia really.


              • You pluck at a white, square porcelain plate curiously.
                Murdoch smiles anew at you, "Give my sausage to kell."



                • Chara asks you, "Would you like to help?"
                  Chara continues to tweak various tools and mend some of the damage.
                  Putting down her tools, Chara takes a break from the repair work.

                  You nod to Chara, "Sure."

                  Chara buzzes at you, "Do you have system's courses?"
                  Chara beckons you to a definitely damaged Delta shuttle.

                  You trot to a definitely damaged Delta shuttle, "No."

                  Chara asks you, "Can you weld?"

                  You shift your round jade eyes, "No."

                  Chara takes a thermoplast machine from her large toolbox.

                  You smack a definitely damaged Delta shuttle helpfully.

                  Chara offers her thermoplast machine to you.

                  You take a thermoplast machine from Chara.
                  You look at your thermoplast machine.
                  This cylindrical, handheld hose attached to a large canister beneath. The device is used for sealing and repairing walls using thermoplast resin. A solid green casing is located below a rounded nozzle that extends out from the canister.
                  You aim at a definitely damaged Delta shuttle with your thermoplast machine.
                  Araine releases a blast of gushing, grey chemical resin from her thermoplast machine.
                  A grey resin covers a definitely damaged Delta shuttle.

                  Chara guides you, "This is a thermoplast machine. It is a stick.."

                  You pause, "Uhhh."

                  Chara stares at you.

                  You lower your thermoplast machine slowly.

                  Chara attempts again, "Please follow my work and seal teh wires and tubes."
                  Chara stares at a definitely damaged Delta shuttle, "After we clean the resin up."

                  You smile guiltily.


                  • 12:41 [Com|Officer Kell] "Bunny money tapping, you tap the bunny for the money"

                    12:42 [Com|Officer Kell] "Well relly just me, I will be the only one tapping my bunny"


                    • Araine kisses your full lips lingeringly, "I really like you a lot too. A lot."
                      You grin at Araine's full deep-red lips, "I hope so, or all of this would be a weird way to show you hated me."
                      You chuckle at yourself.
                      Araine murmurs to you, "It's a trap, of course. To lure you in. I'm doing the spider's bidding."
                      You chuckle at Araine's words, "I knew it! I fell for it entirely, those giant rapey octopods!"
                      Araine laughs helplessly.


                      • Chara tells Britt, "I would enjoy it. I will make availability."
                        OOC - Chara loses her connection.


                        • Engineer Kryble mentions hopefully, "Theres a hot piece of sled back in my office that would be happy to meet you."
                          Engineer Kryble nods to Rosie assuredly.
                          Rosie cheers at a levitating sled, "Get some hot sled on sled action!"
                          Rosie waves her arms excitedly.
                          You peer at Rosie amusedly, "....No. You are much to young to watch any sled on sled action."
                          Engineer Kryble sighs, "Now my inanimate objects are sex crazed."
                          Rosie peeks at Engineer Kryble and you amusedly.
                          Engineer Kryble decides, "You two started it, and that might be what the sled wants... how the hell do I know?"
                          You allow a levitating sled to nudge Veronica.
                          A levitating sled moves from a walkway leading west to Veronica.
                          A levitating sled romantically nudges your pair of calf-high black leather boots.
                          You pause.
                          You glimpse between a levitating sled and your pair of calf-high black leather boots.
                          Rosie just stares at a levitating sled.
                          Engineer Kryble chastises a levitating sled, "Dude... seriously?"
                          You eyeball Engineer Kryble harmlessly, "If...I end up with sled juices on my clothes I am gonna be soooo peeved."
                          Rosie explains to a levitating sled, "Boun-dah-rees."
                          Engineer Kryble closes his voracious forest green eyes, "Oh no.... no no nonono."
                          Rosie giggles at you and a levitating sled, "Sled noodle juices."
                          Rosie wrinkles her snub nose, "Gross."
                          Engineer Kryble has no express helpless.
                          You gigglesnort at Engineer Kryble's expression helplessly.
                          You hear Rosie.
                          You giggle more.
                          Engineer Kryble regrets, "Aw, not noodles too.... thats all I eat...."
                          A levitating sled caresses your pair of calf-high black leather boots suggestively.
                          You eye a levitating sled now.


                          • > aim my remote at kaz
                            StoryHost Kazuma has been successfully paired to this remote for summoning.
                            You hear a peppy voice come from the remote, ''PetCON remote has located your pet: StoryHost Kazuma and is initiating retrieval through summoning process!''
                            StoryCreator Katie presses a button on her remote, and a peppy voice comes from its speaker, ''PetCON remote has located your pet: StoryHost Kazuma and is initiating retrieval through summoning process!''
                            A swirling blue light begins to surround StoryHost Kazuma for a few seconds, before teleporting it away!
                            A swirling blue light whirls in a small space before your feet, before vanishing, leaving StoryHost Kazuma in its place!
                            A peppy voice pipes up from the remote, ''Teleportation - It's not just for Sallies anymore.'' before finally powering down.
                            You cackle amusedly.
                            You say, "You must have an animal trait."
                            You pet StoryHost Kazuma.
                            StoryHost Kazuma says, "you probably gave that to me."
                            You shift your intense cybernetic garnet eyes, "Knowing me."
                            StoryHost Kazuma says, "hahah."
                            StoryHost Kazuma says, "sounds like a you thing to do."
                            StoryHost Kazuma says, "oh i bet you're my master."
                            StoryHost Kazuma says, "yep."
                            StoryHost Kazuma, "you're such a sneak."
                            You laugh.

                            StoryHost Kazuma says, "that's hilarious."
                            StoryHost Kazuma says, "i'm cracking up at work."
                            You say, "I have no idea when I made me your master."
                            You say, "Probably when I gave you pet commands."
                            StoryHost Kazuma says, "some kinky fantasy of yours probably."
                            StoryHost Kazuma says, "YES hahaah I remember that now."
                            StoryHost Kazuma says, "you abuse my staff body too much hahah."
                            You shift your intense cybernetic garnet eyes, "I'm always testing the limits of code."
                            ::The Lazarus Project::
                            :::::The future of Mankind awaits you::::::


                            • Jett takes a bite of his bowl of strawberry ice-cream.

                              Alchemist Gadget awkwardly clears her throat, "My bits?"

                              You murmur to Britt smilingly, "Eat your ice cream, love. I'll get a pie from the fridge in a bit."

                              Britt scoops his bowl of chocolate ice-cream with a silver spoon.

                              Jett extends a silver spoon to Araine's full deep-red lips.

                              You nod to Alchemist Gadget, "Aye. The garments you wanted?"

                              Britt levels pivotally his right arm.

                              Araine smiles at Jett now, "Oooo!"

                              Alchemist Gadget probably reddens her cracked cybernetic face, "I... oh... yes. Thank you, Roni."

                              Britt shifts his glow-tinged, deep green eyes.

                              Araine devours a silver spoon.

                              Jett smirks at Araine, "Good?"

                              Araine nibbles.

                              Araine chokes on a silver spoon.

                              You amuse yourself with your words, "I really need to uh....start picking different words for different things."

                              Britt proffers a silver spoon to your full soft-red lips acceptingly, "One taste, and then Ill leave you alone, mn?"

                              Araine coughs momentarily.

                              Araine accidentally inhales a silver spoon.

                              You smile at Britt, "I th-"

                              Jett pats Araine's back.

                              You peer at Araine worriedly.

                              Araine loses consciousness.

                              You blink at Araine (unconscious) repeatedly.

                              Alchemist Gadget blinks also at Araine (unconscious).

                              Britt notes importantly, "Fuck..."

                              Britt stands up.

                              Jett takes a small container of smelling salts from his faded hemp sack.

                              Jett waves the smelling salts under Araine (unconscious)'s nose, and she suddenly wakes up!

                              Araine (unconscious) regains consciousness.

                              You widen your gaze at Araine, "The gamma? Is she.....where did the spoon go?"

                              Jett presses his right palm to Araine's fine right cheek, "You okay?"

                              You suggest to Jett, "Get the spoon out!"

                              Araine blinks lots.

                              Britt twists his strong right hand, "Just ...reach in there and crank it out."

                              Jett does the Heimlich.

                              Alchemist Gadget worriedly watches Araine and Jett.

                              Araine launches a silver spoon coughingly.

                              Britt dodges narrowly to .

                              Araine gasps raspily, "I.. okay..."

                              Jett wide-eyed watches the spoon fly across the room.

                              You stare at Araine still.

                              Alchemist Gadget answers Jett belatedly, "I've been... well, Jett, thank you."

                              Jett remains attentive to Araine.

                              You decide for Araine, "No more ice cream or spoons. Ever."

                              Jett asks Araine, "You good?"

                              Araine throws a silver spoon distastefully, "Nyeh!"

                              Alchemist Gadget takes a bite of her bowl of peach ice-cream.

                              Alchemist Gadget totally avoids a silver spoon.

                              Alchemist Gadget scoops her bowl of peach ice-cream with her fingers instead.


                              • Hunt elves has consequences, yo!
                                Online[4] (21:46 EST): Alchemist Gadget (unconscious), Britt (unconscious), Private Jett (unconscious) and Veronica.