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    Hi hi!

    I'm Hayley, I'm 19 (presently) and come from Scotland.

    As you can see below you'll know or will be able to figure out what characters I play on ICO. But recently I've needed a break and decided to head over to LP as my choice substitute. I love doing the quests and earning the credits, learning and RPing all at the same time. I like material goods IG, I won't lie, but buying the equipment for the quests is so much more rewarding.

    IRL, I was at Uni and suspended Uni due to personal problems, that's all well and good now, looking for a job and planning to move into civilization (since I live in the countryside with little transport). I did have a job, but the a**holes paid me off, hence why I'm looking again. Stuck some of my drawings on the Skotos deviantART by the name or morwenlorelie. Feel free to match the drawings to my ICO characters.

    Oh yeah! Almost forgot the important bit. I play Ruby. And some others.

    ~ Hails


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      *Bumping* Being that we have a few new players added. c:


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        Originally posted by Dominique* View Post
        *Bumping* Being that we have a few new players added. c:
        I'm CaptainUnaMoon, except the character has changed and I'm not 19 anymore.

        --#~ Vesper ~#--


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          Hi, I'm Nora.

          I play Nora.

          I've been at this game for a long time. I love it. Bring more people with you when you come play it.

          That is all.


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            I can't believe I didn't respond to this thread when I started. I must have grumpy.

            Hi! I play Virendra (now targetable as Vir for you lazy people!). Real name's Dakota, and I hail from the magical land of Canada. And before anyone asks me to I am not female. I don't give a flying hopfrog's behind what gender Dakota Fanning is. I am not her.

            I am a malnourished student living on instant noodles, who has no money, and lives at home. I have no self-respect, and I'm self-destructive. I flip out whenever I see people who I like, and I smother them with love and affection. I am incredibly apathetic, and I have a body type that isn't perceived by mainstream culture to be ideal, yet it's not entirely repulsive. My face has been described as 'baby-like' and inspires the urge in some people to pinch my cheeks.

            Holy Beta in Heaven! I have a picture.


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              I have decided that I want to be Virendra's new best friend.


              He looks exactly like one of my close friends by the name of Orion. He called me lazy. He's named after a girl. I want to be smothered in love and affection. Finally, I want to pinch his cheeks.

              In short, welcome!!


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                Originally posted by Anoura View Post
                I have decided that I want to be Virendra's new best friend.
                Vessy already holds the title as my best friend. I'm very flattered though!


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                  Hi. I'm new to Lazarus. I play Aleria. I hope to meet a lot of you in-game! Trying to draw players out of the woodwork is a pain. But I have hope! I enjoy playing games. I'm a super gamer, xbox 360 and online. I also play a character in Castle Marrach.


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                    I can not believe I did not do this way back when.
                    I am Angie and I play Veronica. I live on the east coast and I hate the sun. I have been away from game for 9-10 uesrs but am really enjoying getting back into it