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  • ~Welcome Thread~

    The first thread for the Noise Forum!

    So, it's just as simple as it's titled. Introduce yourself, let us know where you're from, who you play (Staffers included ), blah blah important stuff et cetera. Hop to it!

    My two cents...

    I'm Alyssa. Damn sexy redneck player of Lazarus.

    I rule the Green *kicks Hunter Man off his totem pole*

    I'm in Vegas, from Missouri and going back eventually. Been with LP for a good....eight...or so months now.

    You'll catch me IG at least 10-14 hours a day when things are going good. To the new players and old. I play Aleuria and Akira.

    Anyways...last note. My age? I'm old enough to know better, young enough to do it one more time, sweetie.

    So enough incessant chatter. Welcome to the Lazarus Project. Enjoy your stay, get used to be surrounded by the lot of us basta - *cleans it up for the young'ns* The lot of us Badgers. And look out for the Docs.

    p.s. I'm always willing to help new players with getting better acquainted both IC and OOC with the game when I am around. So feel free to ask for help.

    Edit: First NEW thread since being re-tacked in the big boys and girls Forums.
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    It's nice to meet you!
    I wish I didn't know your aaalts. It is probably just me, but I think knowing people's alts kind of ruins the experience for me. I like to have a fresh outlook on each character individually, so that I know I am not being swayed by my ooc knowledge. Which isn't easy to do. But it's more fun like that.
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      Steffeny. I'm in the Over 40 crowd of people... for most of you, probably as old as your parents, or their brothers and sisters.

      Location, State of Denial.... I'd rather only give out geographic stuff after I get to know people for a bit. I trust all of the players, but you never know what whack-job might end up reading this eh? Besides, I'll be moving the middle of May, so whatever I type here will be out of date soon enough.

      My Primary is Fionn (aka Fionnghuala, Nell, Fi, that maintenance chick, your big sister). Other alts you may discover if I accidently type an answer in the wrong window *eyeshift*

      Anyway, I am an animal person, I have a cat, and share a dog currently, but won't be taking the dog with me when I move, he will be staying with other family. I have a BS in Microbiology and will soon be going back to college to pick up the skills I need for certification as a Medical Lab Technologist.

      I joined LP December 25, 2006.


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        Im Sarah. Ive been playing Laz for a year or so now. I live on the East cost of the US. I play Araine as my main and I play Sammy and a few other chars who you'll have to figure out on your own as alts.

        Some random stuff about me favorite band is My Chemical Romance and I like vampire related books and movies. As for hobbies I like to color/paint and play keyboard (like the instrument not the actual keyboard. I do have a small life outside Laz ) And I have a two dogs, a cat, a bunny, and a fish. As for a career I'm undecided for now but Ive actually been considering botany. We'll see where it goes.

        Thats it in a nut shell pretty much.


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          *revives for new players and other old*

          Ello, my name is Momo I'm Domi's player, as well as a couple alts. And no, Monique's not one of them :P I just happen to have her nickname in RL.

          I've been playing for a couple years, whee to the older Lazzies! My current play has been up and down; many of you know I attend a Uni, and for those who don't know I'm going for my Bach. in Animation, therefor it's taken a lot of my free time. That and I'm a college girl, we like to party :P
          Couple random facts: I hate candy, love to dance, craft a hell'a lot, and design costumes. I'm not one to tell random peeps about me, but you seem like cool cats! :P

          So what are your fancies?


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            I'm Veronica Rose, And No, not Veronica's Player,she stole my name first. I play Troubule and a few others, I started this game YEARS ago with a character that I forgot the pass and email to. I was here when the Xeno ripped Vallons arm off.

            Random things about me: I'm a tat apprentice for a crazy ass dude named Fred. They call me Vicious V, Vicious-Tron 9000, etc etc. I'm dating my fellow tat artist, Paul. I'm into really creepy frightening things, but I like reading, horse back riding, swimming, ice skating, etc. and of course LARPING and MMOing. Laz is one of my fav games. I live right next to New Orleans and yes I am a FRREEAKK.

            I love GIRLS
            I love kitties but not like I love girls.
            I love pocky almost more than I love girls.
            I love this game more than kitties, pocky, and girls combined.

            anything else? I mean WELCOME!
            Madalina Blue and Saruno


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              [QUOTE=Arainey;804242]Im Sarah. Ive been playing Laz for a year or so now. I live on the East cost of the US. I play Araine as my main and I play Sammy and a few other chars who you'll have to figure out on your own as alts.

              HOLY TOOT I JUST SAW THAT YOU PLAY SAMMY!!! NOOOO!! now its forever ruined for me
              Madalina Blue and Saruno


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                I'm Amelia.

                I play Shay and am mostly on..not much xD sometimes a lot, sometimes never, sometimes sometimes. >_> but I'm pretty busy..I'm at college..lots of work and socializing ;]

                I'm also learning to drive. Woo. I named my car Alice, after Alice Cullen, cause it's small, sparkly and silver. And pretty tough. I am kind of a Twihard and I also <3 the Jonas Brothers

                Yep, I'm immature, but I love you all! Sorry that Shay doesn't. She can be a bitch.


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                  I'm Jack, I'm 35 (I think I'm the second oldest player), and I'm a 7th grade teacher. I live in a small-ish town about 20-30 minutes outside of Columbus, Ohio. Within the past few months, I rekindled my love of music and art. Currently, I listen to a lot of Tool, A Perfect Circle, Gorillaz, and Soul Coughing. My favorite artist is Alex Grey. I've started to read H.P. Lovecraft a bit, and I absolutely despise Twilight *glares at Shay's player*'s how it shoulda gone down. I generally play a lot of games, and right now I'm occupying myself with Dragon Age: Origins, and replaying Half-Life on Hard. The generally shows I watch are The Big Bang Theory, Doctor Who, Scrubs, Attack of the Show, Family Guy, and the occasional Simpsons. I think that about covers it..

                  GO BUCKS!!!
                  Oh, yeah...we here in Ohio are almost fanatical in our devotion to the Ohio State Buckeyes. I try to catch every single football game, and I party when we play the Michigan Wolverines, our biggest rivals. Damned Wolverines...


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                    Originally posted by Ardy View Post
                    I've started to read H.P. Lovecraft a bit, and I absolutely despise Twilight *glares at Shay's player*'s how it shoulda gone down.
                    Pshtt...I know it's badly written etc blah blah but I like trashy books! I read Harry Potter and watch doctor Who though? >_>


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                      Originally posted by Shay12 View Post
                      I read Harry Potter
                      H.P. Lovecraft is a famous horror writer from the '20's. He wrote short stories, like "The Call of Cthulhu", "The Shadow Over Innsmouth", and "The Colour Out Of Space". His stories are what the games Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth, and Lovecraft Country (it's the game that's below LP in the Prose Roleplaying section)

                      I just realized I underlined the game names...I appear to be a grammar Nazi...

                      Edit: For anyone who decides to read his stuff, but is offended by racist remarks, I recommend not reading it. For example: he names a cat "N*gger-Man"...


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                        Yeah, I know that. I used to play Lovecraft on here...but I don't read it..I was just pointing out that I read Harry Potter too >_>

                        And I know that Cthulu is a monster that no one really knows what it looks like but it's got tentacles and is evil and stuff. So nerrrrrrrrrr


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                          Hey everybody! I'm Mandy, have been playing Laz for I don't know how long, a year or two maybe. I'm Isabella, or Bella as she is normally called. And no, I am nothing like her. I'm working my way towards a degree in Veterinary Technology, I love animals and have a crap load of pets to prove it. I also like vampires and horror stories, as well as history stuff and fictional history stories. In all honesty, I have enough books that I could probably start my own library.

                          Side note: H.P. Lovecraft is friggin' awesome!


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                            Hey folks - figured I'm up so I'll get on the "Welcome Thread" bandwagon since I missed it the first time around.

                            I play Ozzrik. I play some other games, should be able to figured those out, I'm not terribly inventive with my names...or diverse as the case may be.

                            I'm 30, married. Work full-time running a statewide organization in Colorado, but live in Denver. Originally from NYC with brief stops in a lot of states.

                            My favorite reads vary. Right now: The Lost Symbol. Previously I was on a three year kick of American History. I've read the first Twilight book to see the allure. I got some of it and some of it went completely over my head. At least it verified that I'm not a teenage girl.

                            Hobbies include a nice spirit (the consumable type), a newspaper, my lappy toppy, cooking and a TV. (No particular order.) If those are not available, hiking, running and the never working ab workout.

                            Rock On.
                            -Head of Houseold/Valet to Lord Vestio
                            -Courtier of Her Majesty's Royal Court


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                              Originally posted by Osric View Post
                              At least it verified that I'm not a teenage girl..
                              That made me laugh... Bwahahahahah....
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