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  • -Stolen- Lazarus-ish Movies

    So, as the title goes, what are some Lazarus-ish movies you've seen?

    Any movies that some-what fit our game-theme that you want to tell us or discuss? I noticed that the Lovecraftians have this topic, I thought it would be an uber nifty one to talk about with fellow Lazians. ^.^

    Things like this.

    Many times I've heard the mention of Brave New World.

    So what movies remind you of the LP?

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    *Likes movie threads*

    Although the above two movies could be considered somewhat Lazarus-ish, I wouldn't recommend them.

    The Island was a pretty bad movie overall (to me) and was basically a rip-off of The Clonus Horror, which was an extremely bad movie. But I'd recommend the Mystery Science Theater version of Clonus -- one of the better episodes.

    I didn't see Brave New World, but the reviews weren't especially good. Just read the book.

    Some decent Lazarus-ish movies:
    1984 (Richard Burton/John Hurt version)

    Renaissance (French animated sci-fi) -

    Metropolis (Silent, restored version... several versions, including tinted copy. May be a bit too old fashioned for some, but it was ahead of its time when made.)

    Gattaca (not exactly Lazarus-ish, but an okay sci-fi film)

    The Fountain (not futuristic sci-fi exactly, but it has that whole quest for immortality thing going for it -- a bit trippy at the end).

    I can probably think of some more, but off the top of my head, the above are pretty good movies.


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      ther's a movie actually called Lazarus Project. Not sure it has any resembalance
      Madalina Blue and Saruno


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        @ Troubule - There is a Move called the Lazarus Project, it stars Paul Walker as an ex-con who gets a second chance at life. It opened in 2008. I've seen pieces and it looks quite thrilling and mind-boggling. On a side note, I'm not positive, but I believe the movie has a novel out based on the film, as there are other books out there called "The Lazarus Project".

        @Lazarus -
        - I liked the Island, but I suppose that's just the scott in me rooting for Ewan McGregor. We all have out own taste in movies. The 'Brave New World' movie, I've actually seen. It's a very sexual and unique movie, but their entrance on cloning or 'creating' humans in those little tanks instead of the 'Ewww sex', quirked me as a LP kinda thing.

        - Metropolis! Is one of the best films I have EVER seen, I secondly highly suggest for everyone to see it. It has had a HUGE influence in movies that follow it's times, such as Star Wars and The Fifth Element.

        - I also suggest Gattaca, it was a really insightful movie. For everyone who likes Uma Thurman and enjoys gentics.

        More movies I feel are Lazarus-ish/scifi:

        - The Fifth Element : This is my all-time favorite movie. Staring Bruce Willis and Milla Jovovich. It's a futuristic setting, fly-ing cars and the end of the world. The thermal bandages from this movie she runs around in make me think of the ones our characters wear when Hatched. )

        - Repo The Genetic Opera : This really has no Lazarus relationship that I can think of, but it's a musical/opera movie set in the future. Very science fiction with genetics and body alterations/surgery. For those who enjoy Sarah Brightman, Paris Hilton ( she does a good job, I promise), and Anthony Head ( Yes, Giles from Buffy). It's a very good sciencefiction movie that I really enjoy and felt like sharing. Click here for more
        @ Correction: It took me a while to think why this movie should be mentioned other then me really liking it. For those who remember the Ozzrik plot with the crispy-dude who cut him open alive. . The Repoman does the same.


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          If we want to expand the movie list into sci-fi, but not necessarily futuristic dystopia/quest for immortality types of scenarios:

          Blade Runner (great sci-fi)
          Aliens (more action oriented than original, to me, not quite as good. But still a pretty decent movie)
          (skip the other sequels)
          Colossus: The Forbin Project (US makes super computer to control national defense. Expect problems when computer is a lot smarter than creators expected...)
          2001 (a classic, but doesn't appeal to everyone)

          And for semi-recent movies:

          Children of Men (set in future, no more babies... species doomed, fun ensues)
          Solaris (for adventurous types, try original Russian version, which is like impossible to sit through. For everyone else see Clooney version)
          Moon (old school sci-fi, unexpectedly good considering budget and cast restraints)


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            Just for some fun. . .

            NOTE: This isn't a movie, but I didn't want to spam the forums with making another forum link and it sorta-fits here.

            I came across this Video recently, and found that it reminds me very much of game. Mostly because it's about an rpg, but it still gave me a little kick.

            The video is based off a web-series found here.For anyone interested and wanting to watch it. I found it quite fun to watch because I could relate and see similarities between our game and theirs. . .


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              Originally posted by Lazarus View Post
              Metropolis (Silent, restored version... several versions, including tinted copy. May be a bit too old fashioned for some, but it was ahead of its time when made.)
              <3 Metropolis silent version.

              @ Domi - <3 5th Element. "Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass" and

              Korben Dallas: [Leans down and kisses Leeloo. Leeloo swipes his gun and holds it to his head]
              Korben Dallas: You're right, you're right, I shouldn't have done that. I'm sorry.
              Leeloo: Senno ecto gammat!
              Korben Dallas: I'm sorry, I'm sorry!
              Leeloo: ecto gammat!
              Korben Dallas: [In a later scene] When she woke up, she said a bunch a stuff. I didn't understand any of it but... what does 'ecto gammat' mean?
              Priest Vito Cornelius: Uh... never again, without my permission.
              Korben Dallas: That's what I thought.

              My addition in terms of "feel"

              Andromeda Strain -1971 version
              Yeah yeah, not on a planet far away, but once they enter the facility underground the look of the place and all the colored jumpsuits they have to wear and destroy between levels, and the waldos ... I need some waldos....
              First Patient of Mendus
              Manchester's 'Accident Prone' Patient

              SPCade "And by we I mean Nyx"
              PL: Fionn (Fionnghuala)
              CM: Finella
              ICO: Thera
              LC: Belle Griffin

              The Underground Starts Here!


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                @ Nell - I *adore* The Fifth Element beyond the normal capacity a single human could withstand. I was finally able to construct her Orange-suspender outfit and wear it on Halloween. I'd post pictures but I like my non-face-showing privacy, so I'll just leave with a note, anyone who was at Dracula's Ball in Philly on halloween, you most likely met me, got a hug and plenty of pictures :P
                Also, I shall be going to Wizard-world this year as "Leeloo Minai Lekarariba-Laminai-Tchai Ekbat De Sebat" ^.^ And yes, I speak the Divine language. o.o I've studied it for a while and sadly, can speak that movie word-for-word. v.v

                Addition movies to mention:

                The cronicles of riddick - Ever so-popular three-movie series. Who hasn't seen these movies, I dont know. . but it stars Vin Diesel, so Im sure all our girlies have googley-eyed the movie at some point.

                Planet of the Apes - Originally a 1968 film, re-done in 2001. The twist of humans being slaves to apes, although not really played in the game with our Metas > Naturals, the rebelling humans remind me of the green-rebeals.

                So speaking of the city of Alpha, anyone ever heard of:
                Dark City? - Its an interesting take on what the world is. These alien-superior beings reconstruct a persons memory over night withe the help of a human scientist. Its not exactly the same as reprograming, but the idea of how they use needles to give memories correlated with needles to give re-programing.

                Dollhouse (tv series)
                - Although it's no longer running, the once aired- "Dollhouse" tv show gave and interesting story about people who have their minds erased and new memories implanted to become anything the clients to the 'Dollhouse inc' wants them to be, then they would erase their minds. I've spoken with a player or two about this series and we spoke of how " Innocent and childish" the people who had their memories whipped acted. Im mentioning it now, because the process of erasing those memories remind me of re-programing (although not done with a needle). Also, the attitudes of the people in their "childish" state, resembles in some ways what a true tank-tot is, Someone unaware and innocent. Might I also add, the villain of the 1st series name was "Alpha".

                Aeon Flux - We've all seen it on MTV, or if not, some other source. The Live-action movie based on the Anime-version, I will admit I've only seen the live action. However, Posters, clothing, Hand-feet alterations, and jumping around with guns, you can see where Im going, no?

                Ultra Violet - "My name is Violet, and I was born into a world you may not understand. I'll start at the beginning, Everything changed when a government lab discovered a virus that created genetic mutation. They used it to create faster and stronger soldiers. The problem was, we became a threat. .. those of us who survived extinction, started fighting back. " Another film based off of a comic book, released around the same time as Aeon Flux, so I don't believe it got as much commercial advertisement, but none the less its a rather good film. Then again, it starts Milla Jovovich, so Im bias.

                Eagle eye - Modern-day setting, staring Shia LaBeouf. Not much to really say, other then it reminds of the "All seeing eye" or "Big Brother is watching" idea. Um.. Guns, cars, explosions, action, action, girl-lday, action. Interesting plot idea overall though.

                Tank Girl - Since I mentioned some other comic-book related films, gonna have to mention this one. Very Adult, I wouldn't suggest it to those who don't like sexual suggestions, mutated human-dog/kangaroo-hybrids, highly-powerful-monopli companies, guns, Tanks of course, and some explosions, crude humor, etc etc.. then this might not be a film for you. ^^;; It's a very crazy and colorful film for the more.. insane-minded folk.
                Last edited by Dominique*; 04-22-2010, 07:09 AM. Reason: Laz mentioned Alien >.> I didn't realise till after I posted :P


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                  I can't believe I forgot Planet of the Apes. The original is great. Remake was... bleh.

                  Even the sequel was okay-ish, Beneath the Planet of the Apes. It's hard to recommend when compared to the original, but it was watchable and full of ape goodness.

                  And if anyone wants to know how they should RP a reprogramming, watch A Clockwork Orange.


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                    Originally posted by Lazarus View Post
                    I can't believe I forgot Planet of the Apes. The original is great. Remake was... bleh.

                    Even the sequel was okay-ish, Beneath the Planet of the Apes. It's hard to recommend when compared to the original, but it was watchable and full of ape goodness.

                    And if anyone wants to know how they should RP a reprogramming, watch A Clockwork Orange.
                    I've seen that, interesting movie. It left me with a sour taste though. But definitely a good reprogramming, >_< better then the ones I mentioned.


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                      A Scanner Darkly is slightly Lazarus-ish, due to the main characters being watched, and the rehab clinics (the Humans for LP) are actually manufacturing the drug (the big bad monsters) that puts people in extreme jeopardy. Oh, and weird-as-crap characters.


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                        Stolen- Lazarus-ish Movies

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