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  • Pre-emptive Apologies

    I'm going to be starting a short 6-week course tomorrow (19th) which means I'll be unlikely to be online during the American evenings, except weekends and even then I might be too tired to stay online for long.

    So I'll probably miss quite a lot of the plots since that's the time they're usually held, and I'm sorry also to those who enjoy RPing with me during those times as well.

    If the course proves successful then I'll have a job after it as well, which means more absence from me. I'll keep you guys posted.


    --#~ Vesper ~#--

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    H'okay, since I said I'd get back... I'm able to make evenings, but I'll end up working weekends and not be able to stay up late anyway.

    Not that there's been many people online, just figured I'd say where I'm at.

    --#~ Vesper ~#--