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Lets Revive Lazarus!

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  • Lets Revive Lazarus!

    Lets try to revive Lazarus! Anyone from other games is welcome! C'mon lets really do this. Bring your characters online and lets hope to get something started! Who knows maybe a plot is to be underway soon.
    Here is my sword. Now bring yours and we'll have a party.

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    Haven't seen you on LP yet! Come join the populace!!


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      On that note, how about we post the time(s) we have a chance of being available to play here?

      Mind you, let's all just start logging in, tapping bracelets for credits, giving a shout on Com, and doing a Com Recall. Apart from saying Hi or Alpha as of late, that's what I've been doing.

      Also, there might be some stuff gonna happen, provided Laz and I can get in in a similar time frame.

      Presently I have most mornings open, with days off of work being Sunday and Wednesday. Monday is the weird exception. If I can leave work on time, I can be online around 7 PM CST. Otherwise, a bit later.
      LP: Tela - phone number: Teelah

      CM: Motsumoto Raharu


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        I have not been around for a while and had a heck of a time getting in to the forums. None of my old log ins worked. So I created a new one ONLY for the forum until I get my old account unlocked. Once I do, keep an Eye out for Fionn (Fionnghuala, Nell) the Maintenance worker. She was hatched Dec 2005 or 06. I am over on Facebook, Steffeny Muller

        But have come up with a potential new plot if Lazarus accepts it (ping Michael, check your Skotos email account).

        NOTE: I am in the US Eastern Time Zone. Laz s in the Pacific Zone I think.

        I am currently residing in a physical Rehab Facility, so my daily schedule is flexible to some extent, I will need to take mandatory breaks at meal times as my laptop and meal tray do no both fit on the hospital bed table I use.

        So times I am not available (Eastern time zone) 7:45 am to 9 am, 12;15 pm to 1:30 pm