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  • Scheduled plots - days/times

    Obviously turnout has been lackluster, and running even the simplest of plots has been a problem due to low turnout.

    Would any players like to see certain days set aside sort for planned mini-plot events? I could pick an evening or two a week to just run some small type of plot or event, if anyone here would like to take part. Now it won't be anything fancy, as we can't exactly run an intricate plot with a handful of players. But at least it could be some activity, and perhaps it would bring more players in overall.

    Anyway, if anyone is interested, list the evenings you might be available. Usually middle of the week is best for me.

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    My times are so mixed so I never really have any specific timing. If you plan something I'll likely be able to attend.

    - Amerie's P


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      Going to try for tomorrow (Wed) evening, somewhere between 8-10 PM Skotos time. I can't promise much, but worst case I can throw some free items out there, or have a dog bite someone...


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        Well, not exactly a huge turnout last week. I'll be around tomorrow (Wed) around the same time (let's say 9PM+) ... if anyone wants to show up, I'll try to arrange something.


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          I should be able to make it! I couldn't last week because I work nights, but I'll have off this Wednesday night.