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  • Status of Lazarus and You!

    Hello everyone! We are so excited to see so many of you online. We hope you are enjoying the current plot!

    We wanted to give you a little status update. We are now three (almost 5) Staff Member strong. We are making updates, cleaning up verbiage, running plots, planning plots, and welcoming your ideas, suggestions and thoughts as we dive in and explore the fun and amazing world that is Sci-Fi.

    Below is a list of ways to assist - we pride ourselves on responding timely to urgent matters as we are striving to be an Active, Responsive and Communicative Staff.
    • @assist: General inquiries, urgent matters, issues that need immediate attention.
    • @idea: This is for any and every idea used for offering your ideas as they pertain to plots, clothes, skills, suggestions on how to make the game that much more sci-fi and awesome.
    • @bug: Any glitches you find, let us know!
    • @typo: We love sticklers for grammar and spelling accuracy, let us know if something reads wrong or is spelled wrong!
    • @socials: This is for adding new adjectives and verbs and how they associate.

    These are the five main queues that we look at. We'll add more as we need them.

    Thank you and we hope your are all having a blast!

    Icara ~ Plotter and General Story Staff
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    Excited to see all the changes, and having a blast in game!
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