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    PATCH 09.19.2019

    Little bit of updates here.
    • Healing appears to be wonky right now, causing individuals to be unable to heal others, yet healing themselves just fine. As a result, I have temporarily lowered the price of nano-gloves (heal-over-time armor for the hands) from 250 credits to 100 credits. Pick them up in the general store located on Delta.
    • Speaking of the general store on Delta, the shop keeper now properly buys items once more. He should be able to buy most junk you have. If not, the item lacks a "sale price". Let us know with an @assist "SALENEEDED: detail of item
    • The general store on Delta now buys DNA items. This means all creature hunting you do in the tunnels can be sold to this nice robot.
    • The general store shopkeeper now properly responds to questions you ask him. No more weird error >_>
    • The Start Story for making a new character has changed, to provide the player with a more realistic view of how the hatching process works in current lore. The player briefly takes the role of a nameless, faceless scientist, processing an order for a new hatchling. This has been changed to give everyone a feel for the environment of the story, right from the get go, and includes updated references to the Allied Colonies. I may tweak the dialogue here or there, however, to keep it up to date.
    • We will begin selling character slots, priced at 200 storypoints per slot. You will be allowed a maximum of two additional slots.
    • The next chapter of story will begin following a few short mini plots, including a monster attack (already happened) and a mall opening (in process). We're also working on the Theater, which currently exists as a bar and lounge. It's on the eastern middle section of Delta, so check it out. It has booze.
    -Happy gaming!
    Narrator Kazuma ~Head writer in charge of overall Narrative


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      UPDATE: Healing is fixed.
      Narrator Kazuma ~Head writer in charge of overall Narrative



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