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  • New things!

    In this thread I will be posting up new things (whether it be items, areas, skills, improvements and changes, etc) in patch note style updates. These updates are from the entire team here at Lazarus . Keep an eye on this post for future updates!

    2019 / 02 / 27: (not everything was added this day, this is just the date of the patch notes)
    • ADDED: New Item: gun holsters to the weapon shop. 100 credits. Can be worn on the hip or back. “Shift my holster” to change position
    • ADDED: New Item: kitten cleaners!
    • ADDED: New Pet: kittens!
    • ADDED: New Monster: Arachnopod (Lumis)
    • ADDED: New story threads and plots: What and who is ZipTec?
    Future changes to come include new missions, further plots, and more secretive things
    Narrator Kazuma ~Head writer in charge of overall Narrative

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    2019 / 03 / 01
    • SOCIAL ADDS: new verbs, new adverbs, new combinations of verbs and adverbs, new BODYPARTS! you now have sanity, intelligence, love, soul, and many, many more!
    • ADDED: Major Story threads continuing to the overall lore
    • ADDED: *whistle* command to dogs. Only works on the pet's Master, or owner, allowing them to call the dog to themselves and collect them into their inventory. Has a cute emitter
    • ADDED: *whistle* command to kittens. Only works on the pet's Master, or owner, allowing them to call the cat to themselves and collect them into their inventory. Has a cute emitter also
    • ADDED: New story characters to interact with coinciding with the new plots.
    • CHANGED: we've heard your wishes. Smelling salts are now slightly cheaper, and hold a quantity of 15 instead of 6 - This should cut down on a little trash
    • CHANGED: some foods have been changed, and we are revamping the code to make them act more.... food like.
    Stay tuned for more future changes!
    Narrator Kazuma ~Head writer in charge of overall Narrative


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      2019 / 03 / 07
      • SOCIAL ADD: More adverbs, verbs, prepositions and interactions! Too many to list. Keep EVERY suggestion coming!
      • NEW SKILL! Cooking has been added! Cooking can be learned from Chef Cooke, in the improved Tea Shop, north of the Lobby! StoryAngel Katie has worked TIRELESSLY coding this new system from scratch, testing and debugging as best she can, but as new systems and skills, there CAN be bugs. The new system currently goes only to level 25%, and is currently in it's PHASE ONE stage. There are more exciting flavors, combinations and upgrades to come, including the eventual addition of health benefits! (more to come on that later!)
      • UPGRADE: The Engineer headset (wire headset) has been updated to Merry code, and can be tap'd, pushed, and pressed to turn on and off. It's just an emitter, doesn't do anything that isn't RP'd, but it actually functions like it originally should have. In the future, we will be adding a separate com channel for engineers. I've been toying with the channel code and succeeded only in breaking channels, so it's still a WIP. When I get it all figured out, we'll have OOC coms as well.
      • UPCOMING: New Job Path (more to come on that soon )
      • UPCOMING: New Missions
      • UPCOMING: New shop items. You wanted new clothes!
      • Stay tuned for more!
      Narrator Kazuma ~Head writer in charge of overall Narrative


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        2019 / 03 / 08
        • ADDED: Po-Joes! Portable Joes for medical practitioners! We'll be adding this as part of the healer kit in the future.
        • TWEAKED: SOME Furniture prices have been balanced. Resale, of course, has also been lowered. This is a WIP, so hold tight
        • ROOM RENOVATIONS: See Icara for more details on this! We'll have a posting up soon!
        Narrator Kazuma ~Head writer in charge of overall Narrative


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          Room Renovations!!!

          Your character has their own space, so why not spruce it up and see it given upgrades?!

          Every Quarter (March, June, September and December) We will offer one Free Room Renovation. This will include furniture integration, customized details and added details.

          I will work with you on descriptions and making your character's space super cool and spiffy. Yeah. I said spiffy.

          All you need to do is @assist to my attention that you would like a room upgrade, and mention which room you want updated. We will go over the details and within a week, you get a brand-spaking new room for your character to show off and entertain guests in, or to just spoil themselves in lavish luxury.

          The one catch is that you need to be a regular player and log in on a fairly regular basis to receive this perk.

          I look forward to your assists.


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            2019 / 03 / 10 - The fix patch
            • FIXED: Grammar in the forest, and surrounding areas - mushroom, dead forest (working on more). No more "Among the trees" garbage, with its missing period.
            • FIXED: Forest room 14 map fixed (was giving incorrect map file)
            • FIXED: Cave room 8 map fixed (This is the first room when you go down into the lower caves - it was giving incorrect map file, making it look like you went from the tunnel above to just directly into lower caves)
            • FIXED: A number of rooms had improper capacity limits, making it hard for people to actually FIT in them, despite them actually being realistically large enough for multiple individuals. This is being resolved, ongoing, as we find them.
            • FIXED: Some room quirks, and missing maps - some linking to broken webpages, so I will have to create new ones from scratch, so this part is still a WIP.
            • UPDATED: Lesson cards now give 10 lessons per card instead of 5. Price unchanged.
            Narrator Kazuma ~Head writer in charge of overall Narrative


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              2019 / 03/ 11

              Cooking updates.

              The intermediate cookbook has been released, for lessons 25-50. You will also be unable to use the basic multicooker once you surpass 25, but fear not! The intermediate cookbook will include the intermediate multicooker (but doesn't currently until I fix a few kinks).

              The intermediate multicooker introduces a whole bunch of new mechanics and abilities to your cooking, such as the ability to create drinks and add toppings. Keep an eye out for more kitchen accessories to go along with your cooker. One of them is a device that allows you to mix two different flavors together!

              When the intermediate multicooker releases, it will release with a whole bunch of new flavors too, specially tailored for drinks.
              ::The Lazarus Project::
              :::::The future of Mankind awaits you::::::


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                2019 / 03 / 11

                Skill list update.

                The skills list has been updated to be a little simpler and easier to read. We'll be making a few changes to the arrangement of skills over the next few weeks, so don't freak out if your skill isn't in its usual place. The popup @skills has not been updated to reflect these changes as of yet, but will be as well.
                ::The Lazarus Project::
                :::::The future of Mankind awaits you::::::


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                  2019 / 03 / 12
                  • NEW FEATURE: Ability Tags - This is something that will be implemented over time and be an ongoing project of mine. Some of the objects in game will contain extra information depending on your specialty. Zoologists will see extra details about a creature, Botonists will have more info on plants, Medical techs will have more details on their tools, engineers and maintenance may see pertinent information on a broken machine, etc. I will be peppering these details into items and area details as I come across them, to give you more reason to "look closely" and learn. If you have ideas for things like this, feel free to assist them. Also, if you feel that you should have a particular tag (Engineer, Medical, etc) let me know. In the future, these tags will implement upon receiving job placement from Brennan and tie to your card.
                  • MAPS: Some maps in Flash are not populating properly. We are aware of the issue, and as Flash is a beta client, we highly recommend you utilize Zealotry (through either an old version of FireFox or current Pale Moon).
                  • AREA UNLOCK: The underwater tunnels and lower tunnels are once again open. Please be wary of the creatures (they hit HARD) in both areas. There is a closed off area as well, and we are aware of this. For now it will remain closed. (vague info is vague, I know )
                  • We will be retooling the skills ongoing. Right now we know that a lot of the unlocks are kinda unbalanced. Combat upgrades don't happen until DEEP into training, for instance. We're going to revisit this over time and see about balancing the rewards vs learning speed. Newer skills (like cooking, for instance) have a far better balance, we feel, and we will revisit our other skills to align them to this sort of curve. If things appear too fast, then we'll pull back.
                  Narrator Kazuma ~Head writer in charge of overall Narrative


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                    • NEW: @hotspots - we will be adding more locations to this list as you, the players, suggest them. Current we have the lobby and Brennan’s office.
                    • NEW: @showtheme - this command tells you what theme you’re using. Just in case you forgot
                    • NEW: current promotion regarding skills. This is a one time thing we are running this month. See the in game login notice for more details.
                    • CHANGE: Katie cleaned up the skill list. Way less spaces and less spam . Yay Katie!
                    • NEW VP: ask around in game about this new arrival from a different colony, or meet her yourself!
                    • PLOT PROGESSION: updates to Army plot. Find out more in game!
                    Narrator Kazuma ~Head writer in charge of overall Narrative


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                      Been a while since I updated, but that's because we've been making some pretty large changes

                      • PLOT and AREA UPDATES: Updates on the Army plot, ties into Delta Colony, and a new planet opened up in the process. We are expanding these new areas, and the rich lore behind them, ongoing, so expect more updates to come!
                      • ITEM UPGRADE: The sleek leather belts in the boutique have become just a little bit sturdier. This means you can hang items from them, like, say, a whip, or a small pistol. (put my item in my belt).
                      • POLICE / SECURITY CHANGES: We're opening up our security path again to players, and inviting those who wish to join the local police force to engage in the RP. Report to Police Captain Azura for assignment if this is something you'd like to do, or Lead Detective Darick if detective and investigative work is more up your ally. If you currently have a security character in this path, be sure to report in so we can make sure you're properly equipped and everything
                      • UPCOMING COMMAND: Scavenging is a command being worked on by Katie that will allow you to sift through various locations to attempt to locate goods or parts, that can later be used in future skillsets we may be implementing, or can be sold for credits! This command will work alongside mining and fishing as a way to gather materials, the former being more about obtaining gems for future lapidary work.
                      • LAPIDARY: The lapidary skillset has been fixed, and is back in game. There is a machine in the Apartment Lobby that you can use to refine your gems, based on lapidary skill, that you mine into much prettier and shiner versions. We are currently working on pricing and gem output with skill, so bear with us as this is an ongoing work.
                      • NEW AREA: As mentioned before, we are working on the colony of Delta. Once it's opened up, players will be able to teleport from a fixed location into the colony, and back again, allowing them to scavenge, explore, fight mutations, and uncover lots of lore regarding this Colony's rich backstory, and its place in the Lazarus Project!
                      • VERB/ADVERBS: Tons of new verbs and adverbs, as well as "body parts" have been added in game. A lot of these parts are things like "souls" and "demeanors" and anything that will enrich the Roleplay for everyone involved with our parser system.
                      • MORE TO COME!
                      Narrator Kazuma ~Head writer in charge of overall Narrative


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                        The Coffee Shop again sells teas and other treats, coffee has been added.


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                          Key Wallets have been created - Obtainable at Delta Colony's shop.

                          Usage: Can only hold keycards. Put a keycard in a wallet and wear the wallet. So long as you have the right key in your wallet, it will open the door you wish to open without taking the key out. You can keep the wallet clipped to your waist at all times.

                          Warning - this will not work for badges and such that require scanning of cards/badges. This is to facilitate player ease, and the character is still essentially pulling the card out of their wallet and using it as normal
                          Narrator Kazuma ~Head writer in charge of overall Narrative


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                            PATCH 09.06.2019
                            • ADDED: Teleportation destination: Caves - This teleport destination takes you to the lower caves below the water, negating the need to swim through the confusing tunnels and waiting for the right tide. This was added due to player feedback and wish to mine out there. Since it is (currently) the only advanced-mining location, it made sense to offer an easier route to it.
                            • ADDED: New area completed: TERIS. This area will open formally following a major plot point, and become the center point for a new biome in the future.
                            • BIOMES: We will be releasing new planets on a regular, each with a different biome or "theme". The story behind these words will unfold shortly in the coming chapters, but look forward to places across space... and time... to explore.
                            • NEW STARTING STORY! - Sorta. I have changed the way the starting character creation appears, just tweaking the menu and giving it some flavor. I can add new customization in the future as well
                            FUTURE PATCH:
                            • New JOBS to pick up in Delta to be finished in the Lower Caverns. BEWARE THE LIZARDS
                            • Balance tweaks to some existing monsters. Some may get tougher, some easier. I'm trying to balance out all of them to ascend on a level as you grow more experienced, rather than placing the tough creatures in the same areas as the easier ones for starting characters
                            • Body modifications - Cybernetics, Mutations, etc. This will grow once Cybernetics and Sciences gets off the ground more
                            • MORE
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                            Narrator Kazuma ~Head writer in charge of overall Narrative


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                              NEW ITEMS:

                              Purse, bag, pouch, clutch, backpack, sweater, blouse, bathing suit, bikini and bodysuit have been added to the sewing machines.
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