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The VR Contest: Re-write the Manual

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  • The VR Contest: Re-write the Manual

    It has come to my attention, and I completely agree, that the current manual for the VR set is a bit... tough to read through. I've made an adjustment to include the location of the NPC to actually train the Coding skill, but other than that it has been left alone since its creation, most likely. I think it's time for a rewrite.

    Anyone who is interested in the VR rooms and its coding, and has a good grip on how it works, and would like to rewrite the manual, send me an assist letting me know, and I'll get you an email address you can send the writing to.

    As a reward, the one we choose (if there are multiple) will get a boost in coding skill, and a custom VR kit in game for their character.

    Happy Gaming!

    -SH Kazuma
    StoryHost Kazuma