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The Lazarus Project: Update 4/17/2019

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  • The Lazarus Project: Update 4/17/2019

    Hey guys! Few new updates for you all
    • New command: @resources
      • Using the command process, you can process items and various things such as nuggets, gems, etc into resources, so you no longer have to carry around materials anymore! @resources will keep track of the types of materials as well. Some items you scavenge, such as soil, manure, and more to be added later will be automatically added to @resources
      • Most of the items you scavenge can be processed
    • Upcoming Content: Quantum Gardens
      • These personal portals will allow you access to your very own garden, which you can later customize. You'll also be able to build and craft items from your collection of resources!
    • Gems can now be shaped into an array of neat shapes
    • Languages galore have been added.
      • These languages are in game, and can be eventually learned from a new NPC named LH3024 via syringe, when he gets his shop back up and running. Languages are slice-of-life sort of things, and meant for scholars and such to add a little color into the game.
      • They could lead to future plot devices such as finding ancient Earth artifacts in other languages and being able to translate, and other such scholarly ventures, which will parley into our arts and history additions.
      • Languages eventually available:
        • Cybernetic (this can be learned form an in game source already)
        • Ancient Binary
        • Japanese
        • Korean
        • Spanish
        • Kii (this can be learned from an in game source already)
        • more to come!
      • If you want to do your part and help add languages, contact me with @ASSIST 'LANGUAGES - I'll give you a form you can fill out to supply the data and get the language in game. YOU could effectively code our next new language!
    See you in game!
    StoryHost Kazuma