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LANGUAGES: Linguistics Project in Lazarus

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  • LANGUAGES: Linguistics Project in Lazarus

    A note about languages:

    Languages are SIMILAR to their real life counterparts if applicable. What this means is that languages like Japanese, Spanish, and Korean (thus far) have things called "replacement words".

    Replacement words is a library of over 100 manually programmed words that will translate what you say into the correct linguistic translation. For instance, if you say type "big", but your character is speaking spanish, your character will appear to say "grande".

    Replacement words require I manually enter in each word, and is not the ideal way to "program" an in game flavor-type thing. So as a workaround, languages also include the ability to program "syllables", "prefixes" and "suffixes".

    Combining common chunks from each language, into THESE groups, and any word that isnt' automatically in the "replacement words" library will instead be "created" by using these syllables, prefixes, and suffixes. What you end up with is a word that SOUNDS Spanish, Japanese, or Korean, even if it really doesn't mean what you typed out.

    Here's an example:

    A thin, gangly robot quotes, "Hello. How are you?"

    A thin, gangly robot says (in Spanish), "Hola. Como es tu?"

    A thin, gangly robot says (in Japanese), "Konnichiwa. Do yatte arimasu anata?"

    A thin, gangly robot says (in Korean), "Yeoboseyo. Bangbeob aleu dangsin?"

    Anyone who is familiar with any of the above languages will notice a few things are off. Firstly, the game does not know how to allow for proper word order for foreign languages, nor does it know to emit+add suffixes and/or prefixes based on situation. There's also no feminine/masculine or a number of other linguistic hokey pokey. It's a simple "substitution" situation.

    This has an IC explanation - This information was located impartially, and over the years the languages have been "corrupted data". What you now have is a general "facsimile" of what the specific language was like, if not a perfect translation.

    This is actually true in real life as well; languages "mature" over time, and change. How we spoke thousands of years ago is definitely not how we speak now.

    Anyhow, I hope you guys enjoy this little "flavor" addition to the game. There will be many more languages added, and each one can be learned for a price (when the shop is finished) for 25,000 in game credits. They are meant to be pricy, because they're literally just flavor items. Something for non-combat oriented people, or scholars and scientists, or anyone who wants to simply try something different

    -SH Kazuma
    Narrator Kazuma ~Head writer in charge of overall Narrative

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