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The Lazarus Project: Update 04/19/2019

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  • The Lazarus Project: Update 04/19/2019

    Yay more updates! Just a few things today
    • Operator Sally has installed new updated teleporters. Currently there are three, and each teleporter can transport you to either of the other two. The locations are:
      • ALPHA TELEPORTATION ROOM: Destinations available are DELTA and THE GREEN
      • DELTA TELEPORATION ROOM: Destinations available are ALPHA and THE GREEN
      • THE GREEN - NORTH DOME: Destinations available are ALPHA and DELTA
        • For those unaware, the dome is that big dome-like building at the northern edge of the forest. Its entrance is one room west of the cave entrance.
    • New headsets have been created by Specialist Page - These headsets work as two-way radios, much like the phones, except with zero lag. - They are purchasable in Provisions on Delta Colony
      • type call my headset 'character to pair your headset to another user's headset
      • type speak to my headset 'message to speak to that character. No one outside of yourself, and them, will hear it. DISTANCE WHISPERING!
      • These headsets can be changed in both color and type with the two panels on them (much like the nanoweave gloves)
    • New help files have been added for the following categories:
      • processing
      • jewelry
      • resources
    StoryHost Kazuma