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Roleplay Kudos/Props

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  • Roleplay Kudos/Props

    Big Kudos to the players involved in last night's scene. You all had some amazing direction in the plot, which I promise will pay off in the future.

    Let's use this thread as a place to give feedback to scenes both staff and player controlled, and use this as an opportunity to give a shout out to a player who made a particular scene awesome.

    I'll start by calling out a number of great players from last night, including but not limited to:

    Veronica - Great RP and direction in last night's scene, along with some fantastic ideas
    Malice - Great control of a situation when things got tense
    Kryble - Amazing drama and story involving his character and history

    These are just a few of those present for the scene, but you ALL deserve kudos: Chara, Octavia, Araine, (if i missed you, I'm sorry! It was a hectic day!) all of you present contributed in some way to the conversation and scene.

    Narrator Kazuma ~Head writer in charge of overall Narrative

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    First I want to give a super big thank you to the staff! Last night was completely awesome rp and fun and we couldn't not have had it without all the work you did behind the scenes. Thank you so much <3 I legit wanted to stay later at work because I didn't want to miss anything while I was at work

    Malice - I love how you can go serious and still be funny. I couldn't stop laughing at you wanting the cane and my coworkers wouldn't stop giving me funny looks. You also handled everything super well!
    Kryble - You kept me on the edge of my seat. Will he? Won't he? It was really well played and made me feel for the character
    Chara and Araine - I am so glad you guys got to join us. Some of your little inserts had me cracking up and were super in character for you both.
    Anselm - As always I absolutely loved playing with you <3 Our scenes together have been some of my favorite because they always have V going introspective and on her toes at all once.
    Octavia and Ariel - I know you guys had to go real life in the middle but the before and after scenes with you were super fun as well! The helped build everything up and calm down again.


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      Just a quick shout out to Malice and Tavi this morning <3 Super fun and awesome and so nice to have people so early

      Also to Araine, Josiline, Tavi, Peajay and Marcus tonight. Just hanging out in the lobby and gossiping. Had me cracking up so bad!


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        Shout out and huge kudos to Araine, Bio-Engineer Ariel, Engineer Kryble, Malice, Med-Nurse Josiline, Octavia, Peajay and Veronica for an amazing morning and day! It is so cool to see so many on and to RP with such fun RP'ers!


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          A big Kudos to all the players the past few weeks and days; I've been very impressed! To the new and returning players, we are excited to have you back! Kudos to contributing to the Lazarus: New Beginnings Community.


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            I just want to thank the staff for all their work on today's plot!

            To Malice, Josi, and Tavi it was as always a super pleasure interact with you all. You make me feel super excited to keep coming back to play and today was not exception
            To Ariel - I love your little monster cute! It was adorable eating the Kii
            Sally - Thanks for people so patient and guiding us
            Araine - You crack me up. Every single time.
            Mitz and Kell - I am so glad you guys joined us recently! I really love interacting with you both
            Chara - Thank you so much for taking lead and I loved your little blurbs and inputs!
            Marcus - Thanks for some great conflict rp!


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              So I meant to come back to this post like a bajillion times and I get distracted so easily but a huge thank you to everyone who helped with the ball -

              A giant thank you to the staffers for all the neat little touches and such! They we so very appreciated it!

              A big thank you all those who came -

              Rosie - You melted a chicken. Really I think that's enough.

              Jett and Britt - The rp with you two was, as always, super fun, but watching you guys banter back and fourth was particularly enjoyable!

              Josiline - your look book was super awesome to ready and Josi's little comments with Rosie had me cracking up

              Araine and Octavia - Your little snarks had my giggling in my seat and I loved it!

              Malice - For the entertaining bunny scene before the ball. I'm sort of upset more people didn't get to enjoy his creepiness :-p

              Also to Mitz, Kell, Ariel, Ky and Josi again - Todays brunch was super fun! I am so sorry I wasn't able to linger there longer as I had to get back to real life work but I really enjoyed it! There were quite a few moments I was giggling in my car like a complete crazy

              Ariel - For the fun and deep play after. I always love interacting with Ariel and always appreciate her coming up to V's room when I'm stuck at work and putting up with my slow responses. <3 Your the bestest!


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                To Kryble - Your character almost always cracks me up. Really loved your interactions in the lobby

                To Ariel - As always, much fun and often on edge <3

                To Yuno - Always a wealth of lore and infromation

                To Araine - I always love your little side comments just shooting across my screen <3


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                  Cause I still love this thread

                  A big thank you to Brennan, Britt and Mitz for spending the day in the cafe with me yesterday and not minding when I had to shift fot work. You guys kept me giggling!


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                    I meant to write this up last night but i decided to pass out instead.

                    A giant thank you to Jett, Rosie and Araine. I legit could not stop laughing.

                    Jett - for being such a good sport with our teasing <3 and for defending the girls honor and your response at not being able to melt robots

                    Araine - the dog part had me giggling like mad

                    Rosie - You know what you did <3


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                      Ya'll. Last nights plot <3<3<3<3<3</3
                      I loved it! It gave me all the feels! Legit all the feels
                      To Rosie, Yuno and was Amy, right? SUPER! As always

                      Kryble, Josi, Araine, Ariel and Britt <3 I loved all those scenes and plotting and I really am both looking forward and not looking forward to how it plays out.

                      THANK YOU!


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                        Kudos to Veronica for bringing the emotion and reality to a surreal scene

                        Araine - Always the voice of both skepticism and acceptance in one, lending an edge to the scene that things might be quite not right.

                        Josiline - You came in mid plot and totally accepted and rolled with the strangeness. Great job

                        Rosie - Running major plots alongside you always churns out some of our best work. Glad we got to collab once more
                        Narrator Kazuma ~Head writer in charge of overall Narrative


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                          To Gadget - Yay for making me do things and science talk and awkward cyborgs

                          Araine - You cracked me up as you always do! You know I adore our play!

                          Jett - Your reactions had me legit laughing so hard I was coughing. Thank you for always being engaging and responsive <3

                          Britt - Science talk and your ability to flow and play <3 You had me laughing to hard at so many points tonight

                          Peajay - We didn't get you for long but its always fun to play with you when we do

                          Ariel - Again I didn't get to see you for long but I always love our time together <3


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                            Just a brief one for last night/recently to all you extra fun people

                            Gadget - for being so lovable and awkward <3

                            Ariel - for all your super technical and I'm completely assuming right doctoring. While it squishes V out I love watching it. Thanks for joining us even when your aren't feeling so super. Thank you for always engaging with V and being open to all the weird stuff or even when your not - you do some great conflict/devils advocate

                            Jett - For your play of your injury and the recovery and for always giving me a laugh with your antics. I still giggle over him taking the exploding body. I love how adaptable Jett is and willing you are to go along with whatever we are playing

                            Britt- Super good play of a ongoing injury, like, really emotional and it gives me all the feels. And your roleplay in general. You also give me a super lot of laughs and when I am not laughing I am again getting all the feels. Thank you for being pro-active and helping and jumping into almost all if not all the plots. Its super exciting ooc to see someone being so engaged

                            Malice - I love how versatile and adaptable Malice is and love his chats with V, his hi-jinks and when we start rambling ooc. Some of my favorite daytime I-should-be-working-but-this-is-to-good moments

                            Araine - I love all the quirks Rainey has and watching and waiting for her reactions. Sometimes the stuff she has said makes me crack up even when she is totally serious. Thank you for always being open and making sure you engage with everyone

                            Kryble - Ky's little comments and quips always have me laughing. I love it when get some pieces together <3
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                              Ariel - As always I love getting to play with you and you inject some levity into the scene

                              Araine - For being true to your character and always flowing with whatever they give us <3

                              Mitz - For always being willing to jump into the plots and being extra helpful

                              Chance I am so glad to see you back and its been super fun to play together!

                              Josi and Chara - thank you for coming and engaging with us when you can <3 (Josi I miss you!<3<3<3)

                              Malice - You know why I <3 you. Versatile and always fun

                              Jett - For taking the lead a bit more recently and always rolling with the punches no matter how completely outlandish they get <3 I really loved your reaction to hearing about Santa

                              Britt - for always engaging and being inclusive in rp in conflict or kidness. I loved your reaction last night and like how you also have been helping lead more like with yesterdays cafe scene.

                              To the gomble - You know what you did

                              TO OUR STAFFERS
                              I know this time of year has been hectic but you guys have been no less diligent in your plots and building and coding. I know it has to be hard to balance all our types and personality but I honestly think you guys do it with grace so to Icara, Kazuma and Katie let me extend my super big thanks and love. ANd to all those behind the scene staffers I don't see thank you for time and effort. I appreciate you all <3<3<3<3<3



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