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Lazarus: New Beginnings - Plot Timelines and Flow

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  • Lazarus: New Beginnings - Plot Timelines and Flow

    Hello fellow players!

    Detailed below will be a number of links that will, in time, continue to grow with the details and overview of the various "Chapters" of the overall Lazarus: New Beginnings story.

    In anticipation of the separation from Skotos, we have begun taking the story into a fresh direction, while maintaining the overall theme the game began with in Project Lazarus. This has both a practical and realistic reason behind it, which I won't go too much into detail for at this time, but know that it will make things easier as well, for both players and staff alike This began some time ago, and has culminated now at the completion of Chapter 2. Listed below will be all remaining chapters (as they are approached) for overview and preservation. To allow new and old players alike to read over what has transpired, and understand the sort of things they'll be facing by playing

    Narrator Kazuma ~Head writer in charge of overall Narrative

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    Lazarus: New Beginnings
    CHAPTER 1 - New Beginnings

    Our first Chapter of the story, Lazarus: New Beginnings is completed. To summarize:
    • The colony of Delta was rediscovered and reestablished, bringing the active society to a larger scale group of maps.
    • Various VP's and NPCS were brought into play to navigate the story towards this including, but not limited to:
      • Moss/Firefly - Beginning the conflict on Alpha
      • Moss's Soldiers - Assisting in this
      • Felix - ZipTec scientist assisting the players
      • Sally - Former "fangirl" and ZipTec operator assisting the players
      • Anselm - returning with a greater role
      • Wei - rounding out the end
      • Azura - Cyborg Soldier from Delta Colony
    • The story of the Firefly was concluded, as well as several other plots (some small, some large) that include, but are not limited to:
      • Death and a Mutant - One of Alpha's was slain and reborn as a mutated creature that attacked the colony
      • The Woes of Time Travel - Sally's time traveling has unforeseen consequences to herself and the multiverse
      • The Opening of Delta Colony - Delta Colony opens formally, revealing its true location - Ancient Earth. Access is provided via teleporters found east of the lobby in Alpha
      • The Trial of Doctor Wei - Wei is brought to answer for his crimes against metahuman and human kind, after Doctor Anselm and Administrator Brennan work together to remove him from power. With no one left to help him from "on high", he is taken to trial and sentenced to death by his peers and those who bore the brunt of his experiments.
      • A New Beginning - The First Year of the Society of Allied Colonies is declared, as now Overseer Anselm and Administrator Brennan begin the process of birthing forth a new age of productivity and societal growth.
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    Narrator Kazuma ~Head writer in charge of overall Narrative


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      CHAPTER 2 - Gate into a New World

      • A strange black object has invaded our space, plummeting into the mushroom forest.
        • Captain Azura has set up camp north of the location to keep tabs
      • Several days later, the object was found accompanied by a large, metallic being over ten feet tall
        • Studies determine this creature is known as a Technoid
          • Technoids are an ancient race existing in almost god-like power, throughout all of the multiverse
          • Their hatred of the Kii and their destructive mannerisms lend them to help other societies
      • The object solidifies in our time-space and becomes a pyramid
      • Eventually, the pyramid opens way into a portal, into a deserted area that has been identified as Earth, in a past time in the Mutiverse-Prime timeline. This has been classified in the mission as "Planet Teris" for sake of communication ease
      • A grouping of individuals to investigate Teris for any methods of helping against the Kii
        • Date was set for the 14th of September
      • Expedition into Earth Prime (Codenamed Teris) is underway with several citizens and a human scientist (Operator Sally) in tow. Captain Azura stays behind outside the portal on Alpha as the first lines of defense, just in case.
      • Team treks through the desert and encountered an ancient radio tower and a sign, both which shown clearly poor treatment over the many years out in the rough desert sands.
      • It was determined through hard work and effort where they were on earth, and the year of establishment of the base was revealed to be the passcode into the hanger at the north end of the compound. The team continued into the hanger
      • Eventually, the team retrieved the artifact in question pertaining to the Kii, but not long after, alarms sounded and the Kii began to invade Teris.
      • While the Kii were not positioned close to Alpha's planet, this teleporter proved to be a shortcut for them, allowing them to travel to planetside after overrunning defenses outside the portal. Sheer numbers of over 35+ Kii grunts invaded the Colony.
      • Oddly enough, no alarms sounded.
      • Of further peculiarity, the Kii suddenly vanished, as well as the bodies of any dead, from both Teris and Alpha's Planet. Preliminary reasoning behind this is still being investigated by a scientist in game, though the theory is that the the space/time connection between the two planets was severed with the theft of an object from the planet Teris (not including the Kii artifact, which was exempt due to its interdimensional properties).
      • The gate to Teris was closed, and the Technoid guarding the pyramid went offline. Azura, last seen on Teris sands, was lost
      • Using the interdimensional artifact, Sally is able to return Azura to Alpha, but the artifact is lost in the process. The mission will need to be reassessed as a result

      Chapter 2 included a massive desert map and Hanger bay for investigating for this plot. There is a massive amount of lore here to discover, and the map has been fully integrated with both day and night cycles. Yes, the map changes depending on day vs night.

      It will eventually reopen with dimensional realignment, allowing for players to visit as they wish.

      Teris will evolve into a more detailed world, allowing for desert hunting, unique biome-compatable creatures like oversized scorpions, sand worms, and other strange alien entities that have now made this area their home.

      More lore will open up in time, including the "why" of the deserted Area 51 base on earth, the reasoning behind the "pit of endless depth", and the mysterious pyramid to the west.

      Fishing will open up in an oasis in the middle of desert, adding new fish to obtain.

      A new pet may become available in the future.

      New plants to obtain in the shop as a result of this opening biome: Cacti

      .......More to come!
      Narrator Kazuma ~Head writer in charge of overall Narrative


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        CHAPTER 3 - Gamma's Gone! // Blackguard Brotherhood

        • A covert mission into Gamma to discover the location of possible Kii insurgents yielded surprising results - Not only were there zero signs of the Kii, but several Blackguard soldiers were awake and patrolling the streets
        • Finding nothing of use in the Colony, Sally instructs Ariel to retreat, and blows the map scanners detonation devices hidden inside. The Colony is completely destroyed.
          • Unfortunately for the SAC, the Blackguard in Gamma survived the explosion, and made their way to intercept the Colony of Alpha and her residents.
        • One of the invading Blackguards demanded the whereabouts of Doctor Wei, and upon learning of his death, appeared to change, becoming more hostile. After injuring several, he was teleported to Sally's dome, and safely locked away.
        • In retaliation, several blackguards, both familiar and unfamiliar, invaded Alpha Colony. Of curious note were their lack of memories, and particular hostility towards both metahuman and human. Eventually it was revealed that they were reprogrammed under a death-switch order of Doctor Wei, who had been secretly attempting to clone blackguards to act as last-ditch efforts of transferring his consciousness should he die. One such blackguard was his host, and the other followed his orders.
        • After Sally's kidnapping, several citizens began to finalize an experiment to reprogram the Guards using Wei's original brain. Successfully sending the signal, the Guards were not only safely shut down, but were ordered to follow a new set of instructions, resulting in Wei's final death in the body of his last transferred clone.
        • With the guards safely programmed to protect Alpha and her sister colonies, the threat of Wei appears finally removed.
        Narrator Kazuma ~Head writer in charge of overall Narrative


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          CHAPTER 3.5 - Portal to Perfection

          • A gateway in the pyramid located in Teris opens to a Utopia - A luxurious island with white sandy beaches, two suns, and two moons.
          • A mysterious hatch is located on the eastern end of the island, sealed shut
          • It was discovered that this hatch leads down a long tunnel, into a deep cave that houses another pyramid, this time hidden underground.
          • The gate to this pyramid appeared open to a drone that Sally was able to send forward, sparking the curiosity of the world beyond's ambassador, a Sorceress Queen named Yuno.
          CHAPTER 4 - Frosty Frontier

          • The alien Ambassador curiously observes the citizens of the SAC, and appears guarded about her home and whether she should accept visitors. This chapter is currently ongoing.
          Narrator Kazuma ~Head writer in charge of overall Narrative


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            [reserved for future chapter details]
            Narrator Kazuma ~Head writer in charge of overall Narrative



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