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  • Some new things

    Coded a few new things in the past couple of days so I thought I'd list them:
    • A few monsters have had their brains uniquely coded. Spiders no longer snarl. They chitter now. Things like that. I'll be eventually recoding all monster brains to give them unique "reactions" to attacks, though some creatures will still "snarl" if it's appropriate for them to snarl. I always found snarling spiders to be silly. Snarling octopi doubly so.
    • The catch verb actually catches things now, and puts them in your inventory
    • @help sand topic added to help files. You'll find out what it's for when you check it out. Those of you with a client capable of colorful themes should like the pretty colors
    • The nests (rat and spider) in the tunnels below Alpha can now be disturbed. Why you would want to do that is beyond me. Expect retribution for disturbing their home.
    StoryHost Kazuma

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    Added greater health serums to the delta provision store. They are 250 credits (vs the 100 credit ones) but they restore 50% health, as opposed to the 25% ones. Buying two 25% ones is obviously cheaper, but the added convenience of needing a massive heal in a pinch factors that 50 credit extra. I'm sure you can afford it
    StoryHost Kazuma