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  • More and more updates

    Hey all, small updates
    • @gossip command added - This allows you to submit rumors and gossip, which will be fed into the Gary the Gossiper robot. He's located in the Lobby, where he will soak up all your juicy rumors. Ask Gary 'rumors for a random rumor!
    • Gossiping Gary added to the Lobby
    • Damage now shows on your look and examine, based on the severity of your hp loss. Our Lead Coder, Katie, has coded this and in the future there will be more than four "levels" of severity, as we have a number value of 10-100 in which you're conscious, so we can likely play with a lot more levels.
    • The hopfrogs have headed further north and no longer spawn where the crocs do (except that one spot near the bog). They also spawn more often in those areas, and eventually the crocs will be migrated further south, to give more concrete "hunting grounds" per species. Eventually, the forest will have designated 'sections' for each species, as they vie for control of their biosystem. Some species may even migrate to another section as they grow in power and numbers.
    • Sand spiders have been added to Teris.
    • A teleporter from Alpha to Utopia has been added. The teleporter in Utopia goes to Alpha only.
    • Eventually, all areas that can have teleporters will hub from Alpha only. This will be the "Main teleporter" and other areas may be coded to this hub going forward. It seems pointless to have to recode every single teleporter everytime we add a new location, as it gets exponentially tedious (Each porter would require updating, including the new teleporter theoretically in the location). Another option is for me to code a central teleportation library, but it would give the annoyance of including the location you're teleporting FROM as a location you can teleport TO. So I'm just going to make Alpha the HUB, and allow people to teleport to locations to and from Alpha. If you want to go to the caves and you're in Delta, just teleport to Alpha, and then from Alpha to the caves. This update will roll out soon.
    • Several creature balances and price tweaks due to difficulty. As I mentioned before, this is an on going process, so do not expect prices to remain static forever ICly this is explained by supply and demand. Eventually, I'll reach a point where the price/difficulty is at a legit comfortable level, and we'll establish a visible growth in difficulty:money output. It's just a work in progress that will take a long bit of testing by both myself and you as players.
    Narrator Kazuma ~Head writer in charge of overall Narrative

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