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  • What's That Smell? [submissions]

    Over the next few weeks we will be implementing a cologne and perfume system. It will begin with a vendor selling a small selection of single-use colognes and perfumes, but eventually you will also be able to craft your own.

    In the meantime, for anyone interested, I would like you to submit a few ideas for colognes/perfumes that you would like to see sold in the shops. You might even score a free sample out of it!

    The submissions should say the name of the perfume, the color of its liquid, and finally the scent. Here's an example:

    Name: Wild Rose
    Type: Perfume
    Color: Pink
    Scent: The fragrant and calming scent of wild roses lingers in the air.

    The more submissions we get, the more perfumes/colognes will be stocked, so go crazy with your submissions!
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    Name: Sun kissed clouds
    color: Sunset orange
    Scent: The sweet scent of blood orange and clementine juice dripping over fluffy marshmallow puffs

    Name:Seance scent
    color: amber
    Scent: creamy pumpkin combined with a soft hint of vanilla and ceeam, a thick strip of caramelized sugar, a faded whisper of honeysuckle

    Name: Whip
    corlor: deep brown
    scent: Well worn leather with hints of coffee and smoke, tempered by underlying scent of a sweet and buttery pastry.
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      Name: Warm Vanilla
      Type: Perfume
      Color: Pale yellow
      Scent: A mellow scent of the subtle sweetness of vanilla.


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        Name: Rough Leather
        color: Golden brown
        Scent: The muted , heady scent of fresh leather mingled with notes of bergamot.

        Name: Desert mint
        color: Murky green
        Scent: The subtle sweetness of cactus blossoms mingled with refreshing mottled mint undertones.

        Name: Scinnamon
        Color: Pink
        Scent: A scintillating, spicy mix of cinnamon an wild cherries.

        Name: Alpha Prime
        Color: luminescent blue
        Scent: A smokey, entirely synthetic, mixture of pheromones mingled with an undertone of sage

        Name: Delta Divinity
        Color" Luminescent purple
        Scent: An outrageously sweet synthetic mixture of pheromones mingled with notes of champagne and strawberries.


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          Name: Lumi-nescence
          Type: Perfume
          Color: glowing green
          Scent: The gentle scent of sweet candy mixed with a slight tinge of metallic ozone.
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            Since I couldn't think of cool names, I chose people they reminded me of.

            Name: Jett
            Type: Cologne
            Color: Off white
            Scent: A musky, but floral woody scent with hints of spicy pepper.

            Name: Kell
            Type: Perfume
            Color: Spice
            Scent: A rich, spicy fragrance that intertwines with the intoxicating smell of sweet flowers.

            Name: Araine
            Type: Perfume
            Color: Pale red
            Scent: A heady rose and jasmine scent delicately smoothed out with a base of sandalwood and vanilla.

            Name: Britt
            Type: Cologne
            Color: Chocolate brown
            Scent: A warm, inviting scent of freshly grounded coffee beans mixed with the sweet smell of white roses.

            Name: Chara
            Type: Perfume
            Color: Murky brown
            Scent: An exotic and slightly spicy scent that perfectly melds with the warm aroma of vanilla and patchouli.

            Name: Veronica
            Type: Perfume
            Color: Shimmery pale purple
            Scent: A fruity, tropical scent blended with the sweet smells of coconut and exotic mango.

            Name: Ariel
            Type: Perfume
            Color: Pure white
            Scent: An oriental scent of a jasmine and rose composition accented with vanilla and the lingering fragrance of spicy cinnamon and pepper.

            Name: Jian
            Type: Cologne
            Color: Golden brown
            Scent: A soft, seductive scent of delicate florals that deeply blends with a musky warm fragrance.

            Name: Kryble
            Type: Cologn
            Color: Brown black
            Scent: A deep and earthy scent with a touch of richly sweetened amber spice.

            Name: Mitz
            Type: Perfume
            Color: sparkly pink
            Scent: An arabian rose scent uniquely blended with the sweet fragrance vanilla and jasmine.

            Name: Sally
            Type: Perfume
            Color: Black emerald
            Scent: A sweet, flirty and fun fragrance with hints of exotic black cherry and vanilla.

            Name: Josiline
            Type: Perfume
            Color: Pale Pink
            Scent: An exotic creamy vanilla and sparkling citrus scent with hints of sandalwood and white musk.


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              Name: Zen
              Type: Unisex
              Color: Pale lavender
              Scent: A refreshing and relaxing mix of eucalyptus and lavender

              Name: Utopia
              Type: Cologne
              Color: Milky white
              Scent: A heady fragrance of sandalwood mixed with the sweeter overtones of coconut.



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