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  • New things are fun!

    Hey all! A list of updates/things:
    • Several creatures that were missing properties in their briefs to show if they were preserved/dead or not have been updated. Example: spiders now correct show as 'preserved spider' or 'dead spider' if either preserved or dead. There may be more of these to catch, so if you kill a creature and it doesn't show in the brief that it's "dead" or "preserved", let us know with an assist
    • Status of health now shows on your look/examine. This is based off the percentage of damage you have, and has four statuses (the same as the status of the wounds). We will be upgrading these later to be more detailed so a 10% wound looks more dire than a 20%, and so on
    • Several stores have been updated in the mall
    • Languages can now be purchased from Delta's general store for the price of 25,000 credits a piece. No longer requiring an VP to teach, these "language blasters" can be purchased for a one time 'blast' of linguistic knowledge in the language of your choice. They must be aimed at yourself to work.
    • Several new hair dyes are being produced to be sold soon, with a massive array of colors. Look forward to these to be released soon
    • hair ties, both in single and double variety, have been created and will be sold soon. These will allow you to tie your hair into a varity of pre-set styles, all created at random, so you can wear/unwear them to cycle through them
    • Bodies have been modified to now have scents. This is to prepare for our perfume/cologne lineup. You should be able to 'detect' scents in someone's look/examine. STP scents will also go here, so please @assist if you have an old scent we need to migrate over to the new setup
    Narrator Kazuma ~Head writer in charge of overall Narrative

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