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Couple new things

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  • Couple new things

    A few major and minor things
    • The Mall is pretty much finished, with several stores and food shops available. We are still migrating items, and setting up the player-only consign shops
    • The bats now properly have their 'color' tags indicated in their attacks, and several creatures now stack properly with themselves. That way you can type 'look creature' and see 'do you mean your 7 dead cows, your 9 preserved koalas, or your 25 poorly preserved ants? No, none of those creatures are out yet. >_>
    • New Command! Sleep! Typing sleep will put your character to sleep, preventing you from do many things (because you're asleep) but tagging yourself as asleep. This will show up in the brief to others like:
      • An asleep StoryHost Kazuma is lying on the couch.
      • Typing "wake" will wake you back up. If you're lucky! You might toss and turn a bit.
      • logging out while asleep is perfectly fine. when you log back in you'll receive the following notification: You are currently asleep. (Type 'wake' to wake up)
      • Special thanks to the awesome Katie, who tirelessly (heh) coded this up after much begging. I think it will lead to a great amount of fun roleplay
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