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  • New Things!

    • Basic rifles have had an update, and will now have several color-coded emitters based on hits or misses, as well as random emits rather than the same old noises, shots, sizzles, and so forth. The idea is to implement this across all weapons, but this is the first rollout. Grab a basic electric rifle and test it out, letting us know through @assist if there are any issues or feedback.
    • If you haven't checked it out yet, @moods and @gaits have been added to the game. Katie is a coding master.
      • @gaits allows you to change your character's gait, changing the way they normally appear to 'arrive' into a room. Example: StoryHost Kazuma glides in through the west. would appear if I chose the @gaits 'glides. Typing @gaits 'custom will use your set custom gait, if you have one. This will require us manually attributing your character with a custom gait, so make sure you file an assist if you have one, prior to using the command.
      • @moods allows you to set your character's mood. Your mood will show on your look/examine, as well as be targetable. StoryHost Kazuma questions your sad mood.
      • If you have any suggestions on new @gaits or @moods, please @idea 'MOOD/GAIT IDEA: whatever" and we'll see about implementing it in a future update!
    • We are in the process of updating creatures once more, so that instead of just blaring out the same emitter everytime you shoot them (A hop frog snarls at you) they will pull from a list of random sounds, providing more variety and making the combat appear more "alive". Example: A hop frog croaks at you, A hop frog twitches annoyedly at you - etc etc you get the picture. This will take a little time to roll out, as I have to code each individual creature. As always, let us know if you see a bug on it
    • All of Phibes's missions were updated with updated text, as well as the digital notes he hands you. He should now correctly direct you to the Mall for training. We are in the process of moving other things to the mall so you won't have to bounce back and forth, but once again this relies on your feedback, so please @assist and let us know if something doesnt' mesh, or you believe someone should exist somewhere else. We created the mall as a one-stop-shop for everyone to both hang out and get all their lessons done/shopping done without typing a billion directions to get from place to place, and if something is making that harder, it's counter-intuitive to the design, and we want to fix that.
    • The Console in the Hatchling location has been updated with different flavor text.
    • Several new items are arriving in the prize shop/have arrived and will be rolling out completely in the coming days
    • Several new plot threads have begun to flesh out, including Sally's arc, the Delta arc, and Chapter 4 of the main story arc. Chapter 4 is progressing much slower than 1-3 because of the amount of building and mapping needed for Kori, so my apologies if it isn't progressing out as fast as our usual rollouts
    Narrator Kazuma ~Head writer in charge of overall Narrative

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    Another update:

    A weapon training target has been relocated to Smith's new location. It no longer requires travel to the old stalls (the stalls required you to go back to alpha, enter the back of the weapons store, go to the row of stalls, and then enter the first stall before you could even progress).

    Now, the progress is way more straight forward:
    > ask smith
    What would you like to ask about?
    1) Ask about weapon training.
    2) Ask about the types of weapons available.
    3) Ask for a lesson.
    > 1
    Instructor Smith turns in your direction and says, "I can offer instruction in basic firearms and the proper usage of weaponry."
    > 2
    Instructor Smith turns in your direction and says, "That is more a matter for this merchant, than myself. I am simply here to provide basic training... so you don't accidentally shoot your foot off."
    > 3
    You ask the intructor for a lesson. He replies with, "Very well." He points a scanner towards the base of your skull, which flashes with a randomized sequence of bright lights.
    Instructor Smith hands you a small handheld gun. "This weapon is just for training purposes. It inflicts no real harm, and can only be used on our firing ranges. Aim the gun while in the practice range, at the target located in the far distance."
    Professor Sullivan flutters his eyelids.
    Professor Inklestein yawns tiredly.
    Professor Keppel squirms about.
    > aim my gun at target
    You need to wield this item to properly use it.
    > wield my gun
    You wield a practice gun.
    > aim my gun at target
    You aim the gun at the target. Beams of laser particles can be seen emanating from the gun barrel, creating ripples upon the target in the distance. By carefully maneuvering the gun, you improve your aim.
    You feel that you have improved your weaponry skills.
    > skills
    Weapons: 10%
    Narrator Kazuma ~Head writer in charge of overall Narrative



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