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    Hello folks!

    Starting now and lasting for... let's say the end of February, I am holding a contest for fresh movies to be played in the Theater/Lounge in Delta.

    These movies operate off of timed emitters, and play out like such:
    (note the strange format of $s1, $s2, etc - this makes for quick translation into code for the template I have written out and will really help speed things along )

    $s1 = "You see a fancy logo from some studio named Lamebrain Pictures. There is a picture of a strange looking purple brain, and it looks quite soggy.";
    $delay(15, FALSE);
    <--- this puts a 15 second pause between lines
    $s2 ="The logo fades to a black screen.";
    $delay(15, FALSE);
    $s3 = "Several credits appear on the screen; you pick out one of them: the director, Aaron Aston.";

    (You can actually list several, and the code can play a different random one to different people))

    $delay(15, FALSE);
    $s4 = "A picture fades into view. A vast ocean dominates most of the screen, its waves bashing against jagged rocks to the left. Lightning flashes in the background, the only light to an otherwise dreary and dark setting.";
    $delay(15, FALSE);

    the semicolons after each "quote" is important. It tells my code that the particular line is finished. Also, if your scenes contain dialog, use double ' marks instead of " marks to indicate dialogue. For example

    $s5 = "A man screams into the sky, ''WHY?!''";

    Certain fonts may showcase that as looking the same. But I used two ' marks as quotes, and had the scene contained within " marks.

    You get the picture. Pun intended.

    You can make these as long or as short as you like. Think of them as writing books in game, except separating the pages into emitters. Bear in mind that the longer the paragraph you write (and this is entirely fine!) the long the space of timing you want between it and the next paragraph. This timing can always be tweaked before we "release" the film in the lounge, or after if we find out people are having difficulty keeping up.

    Don't be afraid to make the films short, overall. We don't need full hollywood transcripts here!

    Try to be creative! Let's get all sorts of genres! Horror, Thrillers, Romance, Comedy. This is a chance to be super creative. Want to do a TV series? That's doable as well! Look at this as if you are writing a book, only the book will play out to a public audience in the theater on demand

    Send your written stories to my email, listed in the signature below. Once I get enough, I'll start setting up the lounge with a few to test them out

    Happy writing!
    Last edited by Kazuma; 02-01-2020, 05:24 PM. Reason: fixed my wonky code writeup >_>
    Narrator Kazuma ~Head writer in charge of overall Narrative

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    These "movies" or shows will be considered archived and having been dug up from old earth relics. As such, please insure your stories do not contain anything from the game or anything to that matter. Imagine fictional (or even non fictional) accounts dug up! - Special consideration may be given for things that come from the future (Sally might have a few things in her collection, afterall)
    Narrator Kazuma ~Head writer in charge of overall Narrative