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OOC: Lazarus's hidden messages

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  • OOC: Lazarus's hidden messages

    After playing Lazarus for a little under a month I have found several of these "hidden messages" I have in fact become quite intrigued by them. So I figured I'd start a topic to share them with all of you, and hopefully some of you have stumbled upon some that you can share with me too. These are the ones I know so far.

    1. Leave x2

    > leave
    You move away from a walkway leading south.
    You move to the Eastern Walkway.
    > leave
    You are standing all alone already. Why do you wish to be even more lonely?

    2. Catch!

    > catch
    Don't try to catch things, you may get hurt.

    3. Intelligent Conversation

    > @page Cypher "Hello
    Talking to yourself again, eh?
    GREENSKINS - First and only

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    gobble my muffin

    Gobbling up your food is considered bad manners. Besides, it'll give you indigestion.


    You compose yourself, after learning @compose does not work here.
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      The "Mr. Fantastic"

      > call video phone "Cypher1
      You stretch your arms as far as they can reach, but unfortunately they are not made of rubber. You need to stand closer to the phone.
      GREENSKINS - First and only


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        He he I found these rarther funny -

        nibble my roll

        You try to taste your stale dinner roll, but its so hard that all you do is hurt your teeth!

        smell my biscuit

        Your brick-hard country style biscuit has no smell worth mentioning.

        smell my corn

        Your handful of sticky corn smells suspiciously like a handful of sticky corn.

        taste my corn

        As you chew a mushy bite of corn, it sticks to your teeth. You take a moment to pick it out.
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          And these -

          taste sauce

          The taste of the sour tartar sauce sickens you. Why did you do that?

          taste fish

          You break open a fish-stick with an audible *snap!* and take a bite. It crunches uncerimoniously between your teeth, with no more taste than cardboard.
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            If you type in 'skills' when you don't have any, you get the following response:
            You are currently useless.

            I love it.


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              > elude Cypher
              You try, but fail, to elude your shadow.

              Get away! It follows me everywhere!
              GREENSKINS - First and only


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                Try watching someone else try to gobble their food.
                You know that feeling when you're going along and suddenly realize you've stepped in dog poo? I hate that.
                --Stubbornly Anonymous Poet


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                  Be Jesus for a change, Try standing on the water in the cave.

                  >stand on water

                  You stand on a fluorescent pool.
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                    look at my brain

                    This is a brain. It's surrounded by the skull ... we hope
                    I must not lag. Lag is the game-killer. Lag is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my lag. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the lag has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.

                    <Toasty the Gryphon grumbles: [ I had a visual of Lurekus as, like .. a mummified Mr. Clean.. ]>


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                      Dont forget my personal favorite...

                      You look at -name concieled-'s breasts.

                      A pair of wonderful breasts
                      This is they crazy may know him as Malice or that insane idiot thats about to jump in front of the train...whats that mother? That light isnt heaven and I -should- go to it? Ok!!

                      Malice (how the crazies will see him)


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                        If you time it right.

                        > l sign
                        You look at a digital sign.
                        A digital sign hangs upon the east wall. In dark blue lettering against a white background it reads: 'Platform 1A - Train arrival expected in approximately: -1 seconds.'
                        > w
                        You can't go there. Type "exits" for a list of exits.

                        A high pitched whistle emanates from the metallic train as it slowly pulls up to the terminal. An electronic female voice bellows 'All Aboard!', from the train's speakers.
                        A sliding metal door opens.


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                          > follow <name hidden but me>
                          You walk around yourself in circles for awhile.

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                          Student of the Royal Collegium, School of Law, College of Science
                          Patron of the Outer Bailey Library & Inner Bailey Hairstylist
                          Knight of Her Majesty's Winter Court

                          "Hey, Chas is a pentagon of virtue. That's like five times more virtue than a paragon."
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                            With the new fighting system, here's a funny one.

                            > @fight Jerod
                            As much as you may hate yourself, you shouldn't beat yourself up like that.
                            I'm that Security Guy that everyone just loves.


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                              I found this kinda funny ...

                              What are you entering '1' for? No menu options are available here



                              Debug Information