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The Dialect of Lazarus- "Speaking Lazarese"

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  • The Dialect of Lazarus- "Speaking Lazarese"

    As a man with an interest in the growth and evolution of language I am writing this article about the slow but sure creation of "Lazarese". A dialect created and spoken solely by the citizens within the Colonies walls. In the interest of both catalouging this phenomenon from start to finish, and to help the newly-hatched with terms they might otherwise be unfamiliar with I will be making a list of terms commonly used throughout the colony along with their associated definition. As an aside I will mention that despite my studiousness I am only one man, and if any other member of the colony wishes to add to the list please do so. Hopefully one day this log will one day serve to document a cultural occurence never before completely understood. So with that, let us begin.

    A Com- A colloquialism for a communication device. Also "to com" someone means to either call them via communication device or to communicate with them by using one's nueral communication device.
    Bankin'- To make or recieve credits. Can also be used to mean saving ones credits, i.e. "I've been bankin for a while now"
    Check-Up- To go to a medical treatment station to heal oneself
    Cred- A shortening of the word "Credits"
    Threads- Ones clothing or apparel
    The Green- Colloquialism for the wilderness areas
    Webbers- Silicone-Projectile Rifles. Named thus for their web-like ammunition
    Zoo- Common term for the Alpha Colony Exhibitorium

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    K- A thousand credits
    Greensuit- The official Greenskin uniform. In addition any Greenskin can refer to his or her green outfit as their "Greensuit"
    Max Shields- To turn ones shielding device to 100%
    Drop Shields- To turn ones shielding device to 0%
    Deep-Fry- To kill or seriously harm through use of a pulse rifle. Derived from the fact that a target hit with a pulse rifle tends to "sizzle"
    'Skins- A shortening of the title "Greenskin". Often used in conversation as a means of simplification
    The Good Doctor- A title referring to Dr. Phibes. Presumably given to him because he is the only doctor to pay the newly-hatched for their services.
    GREENSKINS - First and only


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      [*Note* in an effot to not use earth cultural references as often, we have developed a bit of our own slang over time]

      Woof ya: I like/love you; I think of you as a friend; I'm disagreeing with you but I still think you are nifty

      Nifty: Neat, Cool, Amazing, Fun

      Dunno, Unno: I don't know

      Green (adj.): someone who disagrees with the amount of governmental/administrative control over Meta lives

      Green, The (noun): the wilderness, anything outside the developed areas such as the Dome of Alpha and the Food Production sector

      Greenskin (noun and adj.): Someone who is part of an anti-government group started by Cypher and Vallon.

      OK (and variations of): some cultural references transcend worlds...

      Med Beds: treatment stations

      prolly: Probably

      Dig: mining reference, to understand, to get the jist of something
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      PL: Fionn (Fionnghuala)
      CM: Finella
      ICO: Thera
      LC: Belle Griffin

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        Just bringing this up for viewing and so people can add to it. I think it's a great idea.
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          I'll admit, I've never really gotten into Sci-fi games, I've always been an avid Fantasy gamer. However, this sounds interesting and like it would be fun to give a whirl



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