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  • IC: email to everyone

    [When checking through your inbox on your handheld computer, you come across an email entitled: Let the game begin! addressed to you from someone named: Tazme ]

    Hello hello hello!

    I decided things are far to dull around here, and because of this there is nothing around here to stimulate those wonderful wonderful organ lodged in your cranum. That said, I decided to play a little game and include everyone in one the fun. I will present one riddle every Monday, Wednesday, Firday and Sunday and you will all have the chance until the next riddle is presented to answer the current one!

    Now I believe in incentive, and really everyone needs some incentive or other. So I'll give you prizes depending on how long it take for you to answer my riddles and who answers them first. I'll take a total of 3 winners for this first riddle.

    1st prize: 200 credits
    2nd prize: 100 credits
    3rd prize: 50 credits

    These prizes will definitely be changing as the game progresses, and also after a certain time, I'll be presenting riddles with special prizes, so keep an eye out for those too!

    In order to get me your answers, email me back! Or find me in person, but I'd prefer th email. Don't use the Coms because then -everyone- will know the answer! Now without further wait here is your first riddle!

    You approach two talking doors. One door leads to the City of Truth, while the other door leads to the City of Liars. You do not know which door is which. You are able to ask only one question to determine which door is which. The door that leads to the City of Liars always speaks lies, while the door that leads to the City of Truth always speaks the truth. You want to go to the City of Truth. What question do you ask to determine which door leads to the City of Truth?
    Does anyone have a mother that would hit you with a shoe? I had a mother that would throw a shoe at you at the drop of a dime. And messed you up wherever she was aiming. So by the time I was like ten, my mother was like Clint Eastwood with a shoe...
    -Eddie Murphy (Delirious)

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    So... no more riddles?
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