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  • Commerce BRacelet

    "The PAY command allows you to transfer funds between players. It requires a commerce bracelet (available to all new players in their New Citizen Package)."

    Got this from the help file in game. I don't appear to have one.. are they meant to be in the plastic bag you start with or...?

    (I apologise if I'm being ultra dense and this has been explained elsewhere)

    Jet's handler

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    What your going to need to do is head to your apartment and grab it out of the box that you will find in there. Now if you don't know how to get into your apartment go to the building (I believe it is listen APT on the map) and ask the doorman for a keycard to it, then just push the black button near the elevator and your in. Go north into the first room and the box should be there.


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      Wonderful, thanks very much!

      I must be very slow and behind with reading the forums. I never even noticed this game existed. And now, have been playing it constantly since I got up.

      It rocks!


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        glad to be of help.