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  • Animal Shop now open

    Hello all,

    It's been some time since I mentioned any updates... but our latest is the opening of our animal shop. Eventually, it'll be stocked with all sorts of lab animals (or pets, depending on what you want to do with them). As of right now, we have rodents available.

    The shop is located east of the animal exhibit area, and it is marked PET on the large map. The rodents come in several flavors, randomly chosen by the shop owner upon purchase. There is also a cage you can buy, to keep ratty comfortable, and an upgrade kit, allowing you to boost his brain power.

    If you notice any bugs, report them like usual. The rodents currently have a number of reactions coded in, but we'll probably add to them as we go along, so feel free to offer any suggestions on missing commands/mouse behavior.

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    Another quick update - rodent food is now available from the shop.
    To use, simply 'feed pellet to my rodent'. This may still be buggy, so if your ratty explodes, let us know.

    And to clarify how certain commands work (since I've been lazy and haven't written help files on this yet): commands such as bite, attack, leap, etc. can be directed at objects by using the format -
    'Order my rodent to <whatever> "leap"'. An example would be:
    Order ratty to cat "leap"

    And if you order your rodent to do something impossible (such as bite the sky), he'll just ignore you. Or at least he should...