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Wanted: Canidates for an eye experiment

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  • Wanted: Canidates for an eye experiment

    I will be conducting an experiment regarding eyes that are able to see in the dark. If you are interested in becoming a canidate for said experiment, then please post your interest below this interest. Once I get everyone that are interested, I will begin the process of elimination.

    Doctor Manchester

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    Will we be able to see in the dark?

    If so I'm in.



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      I love experiments, just ask Vall. I'm up for it, and if by some freakish turn of events I go blind, I'm sure everyone would just be happier.
      -Zekky Zek Zek


      • #4
        I already told you I'd volunteer.
        I'm that Security Guy that everyone just loves.


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          *barely fancy cursive*

          I don't mind helping out...
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            This sounds highly interesting. I am always willing to help.



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              i "see" said the blind man

              Would love to, hell do it against Toria's will if you want, but you have my ooc permision to do it. Think Wei was going to try something with Toria icishly
              Killing means never having to say your sorry.


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                For those who volunteered, I will be starting tests sometime tomorrow (Wendsday) eve to narrow down canidates.



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                  i want to do it also..
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