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OOC: Rewards of Dissection?

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  • OOC: Rewards of Dissection?

    Posting this to see if there is something I don't know about, since alot of changes have been made while I wasn't playing.

    As far as I know, the only thing you can get from practicing dissection is a hopfrog brain. Other animals weren't dissectable before, and I haven't tried them yet because I don't expect it to be worthwile. As far as I can figure out, you can't get any money for a hopfrog brain. No one will buy them.

    So.. my character ICly would really like to focus some of her learning on dissection, because it's cool to cut things open and she wants to learn about how brains work. But she can't afford it at all, because practicing dissection is like bleeding out creds. Instead of 13 creds for each frog, when they've been cut open you get 3. So when she gets enough practice in to earn a lesson, she has to spend twice as long hunting other things to get the money for an access card.

    Unless I am mistaken, none of the other skills are this bad. Mining, fishing, and harvesting don't bring in alot of cash piece by piece, but they also don't drain your creds by making you heal and buy batteries, unless you find an octopus or a corpse plant - but those are worth a nice chunk of change. So unless other animals are dissectable, and their parts are worth more than the animal would be whole, practicing dissection is the most difficult and worthless skill.

    Am I just missing a secret benefit? If it's not just me.. It'd be really cool if a change could be made to make dissection more productive.

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    Unfortunately, dissection was sort of put on hold, while I worked on other systems. And you are right, besides chopping up poor hopfrogs, dissection doesn't currently have a purpose.

    It will change, eventually, as I want to add other animals to dissect, and perhaps tie it into a job (animal research or human dissection). For now, I'd suggest either RPing an interest in dissection, and get a job with Anderson, Lobot, Monique or Manchester (depending on your type of interest). And you can state your skills in dissection as a reason for hiring you.

    Or... just dissect away, raising your skill for later on, when we do expand the skilll.

    And save those spare hopfrog brains... they will eventually have a purpose too.


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      Ever tried attending one of those lab sessions doctors host? They're really fun and especially when you get to slice up brains! Just ask the Medics about it... Well, the Medics, trainees, and Manchester.
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        Dissection is real hard to go up in level on, even harder than Preservation. I was going to try to study microbes, but it is just too darned hard to practice.
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          Is this still the case with dissection? The only way to systematically level it up is to dissect countless hopfrogs or otherwise RP it?

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            Originally posted by Vessy View Post
            Is this still the case with dissection? The only way to systematically level it up is to dissect countless hopfrogs or otherwise RP it?
            Afraid so.

            I coded the skill, and have to admit, if I was a player I'd consider it a pretty lame skillset as it is currently.

            I'll eventually add more to it, but haven't had time lately. If we get more interest, or more zoo workers, I can try to throw something together for it.

            But yeah, it's mostly just for RP purposes as it is now.