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    As most of you all know already, Alpha's infested with a bunch of aggressive wasp/dragonfly types of creatures that won't hesitate to stab you, poison you etc... There even was an account of sucking from someone's viscera and temporary abduction by the largest-so-far of the swarm...
    They apparently were introduced to the colony after a bush was brought back from a botany trip.
    Anyway... I'm sure you don't need to be informed that shutting the doors is a smart thing to do... Try to announce yourself through Com now before you enter the lobby... Expect people to be more tense, annoyed and aggressive while we're trying to get rid of the problem...
    I'd advise to stay in the lobby unless really necessary, don't wander alone... The green seems remotely safe so far. Traveling within the colony's what can cause problems...
    If someone reports being attacked by those bugs... Avoid panicking... Be clear about where you are... It's best if not everyone starts running around to go help out... And stay together... Nothing more fun than having to haul bodies from all corners of the colony.. Also... Avoid patrolling the area, we know there are insects in the colony. Try to stay together as much as possible, and close the doors.
    I'd advise everyone to just remain in the apartment building. But that's just me.