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    As several of the Gardeners that are employed by the Botany department have met their demise or have taken to sleeping long hours, I have been given permission to hire several more Gardeners for the Botany department.

    Pay rate: an additional 20 credits a day.

    Duties include: assiting with research and field trips to the wilderness, researching and presenting lectures, care and trimming of the landscape plants within Alpha's main dome, cleaning the hydroponic tanks in the greenhouse, and other duties as necessary to the Botany department. You will be given tools to use for your work duties.

    (ooc: I do expect you to occassionally RP some of the duties, and will try to plan field trips when a majority of people can attend. Yes, you too can present a lecture to your fellow Alphans!)

    While I will give prefererance to those who do not have current other employment, I will consider those who are currently employed by the Alpha Orientation Committee, Maintenace Department, or the Medical Corp.

    Please e-mail me if you are interested, with a time, or times, when you will be available for an interview.