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  • Heya Alpha!

    Kay! Alpha has been utterly to quiet and very not unified lately so I was thinking of starting up some....unno...Classes and lessons and clubs or something. I myself will be holding a different type of class. V is willing to pay 20 credits a day for people to work for me at this. Eventually it might be raised dependin on how well ya doin. Thats what V gets paid so I don't think people are gonna do much more work then V does and if they do a raise can be theres. You will be paid weekly or at my ability. I was hoping to get people willing to teach and be active around the colony. What I am currently looking for is :
    A dance teacher
    A etiquette teacher
    Someone willing to lead a art-y/Word-y club
    People willing to guide and help tank tots
    Someone willing to host a weekly tea/social/story hour
    Someone willing to host a random (At least once a month) party or event
    Someone willing to hold and conduct tornument style spars for credit prizes (The credits will be supplied)

    I am also open to suggestions if you have a different idea or think you would be more apt in a different area. Please email me any ideas you have and I will take them into consideration and reply promptly.
    If you think you would fit any of the above postions please email me at -Veronica-. If at all possible list the reasons why you think you would be suited for the job, your other if any current postions, your times awake and how long you have been hatched. I wish our colony to be active, productive and unified and to do that I need -your- help! All people will be considered for the job equally. If you think you will be more suited for a different (Preferbly social or active) job please email me and I will reply promptly. I wish to have all these current postions filled within a week. I should reply to you by Sunday about them.
    Also we will be willing to teach people that do not know how to teach if they feel strongly enough about the subject.
    I would also like to note that past differnce between me and whoever wants the job will not be put into consideration. I want whats best for Alpha inculding teachers. All will be fair in choosing. Please don't hestitate if you like those ideas or another of your own! Email me!
    Thank you and have a nice day!

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    People willing to guide and help tank tots
    <IC:> Well, we already have the AOC (Alpha Orientation Committee), which is what the Monday meetings are for. Because Misha and Alaris aren't around much, I was asked to have some meetings as sort of a pre-interview process to hiring more people. So show up for the meetings and we shall see how it goes.

    <OOC Notes:> This is one job that I think is OK to have in addition to any other job you might be getting paid for on a daily basis. And we don't have to tap V's credits for it either...

    For the Tournamets/prizes things, contact Fionn if you want to add a Bio-mechanical toy prize (the kittens, puppies, dolls etc.) And we can talk to Laz about adding one of those to the prize bin.
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      V knows we already have the AOC. I read ya post. Was just gonna send em all to the meetings. Was just trying to get Alpha more active and less lazy

      <OOC : Don't gotta worry about V's fundings. It indefinate least a really really lot :-p >


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        Still looking to get some afternnon teachers. Please apply if you would like any of this positions or ya . own. Expect more things to get Alpha active from me