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(ooc/stolen) How did you....?

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  • (ooc/stolen) How did you....?

    How did you name your character?

    I've been wanting to ask this for the longest time. But I finnaly saw a forum just like it in Marrach, so I figured. Why not, I'll toss the ol' question out and see if it gets responces.
    So alpha, why are you named the way you are?

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    Was actualluy going to name the character Layla whic was already taken. So I used my fall back, Fionnghuala, which is my SCA (society for Creative anachronism) name.

    Posala I got from browsing baby names, it is a plant related word.
    Bex, browsing baby names, is short for Rebecca.
    First Patient of Mendus
    Manchester's 'Accident Prone' Patient

    SPCade "And by we I mean Nyx"
    PL: Fionn (Fionnghuala)
    CM: Finella
    ICO: Thera
    LC: Belle Griffin

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      I didnt know what to name her so me and my friend were looking for names and Araine just kind of popped up. It sounded pretty to me so I picked it.


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        I have a pool of about 10 names I use consistently for every game. Sigh.


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          (Remember, I'm now Izaac)

          Izaac is based off of Dr. Isaac Kleiner from Half-Life 2.
          Randolph is just a random name I thought of and now use in most games. (Does not exist anymore)
          Aut, short for Autism. (Does not exist anymore)
          Harold, random name. (Does not exist anymore)
          Not Randy anymore. I'm now Izaac.