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    Hiya Alpha peoples!

    I be in charge of the new Alpha Word Art Club. It be a club where people can write and create different things, like poems or stories or songs or rhymes or whatever else is like that, and then read and share 'em with other peoples.

    We gonna have 'bout two meetings a week for it...maybe.

    So, I was just letting peoples know that the first meeting for the club will prolly be this Tuesday, April 1st at around 19:00 (7:00pm eastern) in the weapon's lounge.

    Iffen ya have any questions or comments or ideas for the club, ya can email me or call Isabella-AWAC
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    Sure ya gonna make me a grand teacher, lovely. Just remember to send me the stuff boutcha club and I'll pop it onto the activites board. Can't wait to go and see how ya do. And yayness for ya and gettin active.