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  • Accessible Skotos (Visual Impairment)

    Are you blind or visually impaired and play a Skotos game? Are you having trouble with the new clients (Flash and Zealotry) because of your visual impairment? Go to the thread below, and make your voice heard! The more people they hear from, the more likely they are to make the changes necessary.

    Thank you,
    Jewel, a legally blind Skotos customer

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    Removed by Moderator -- Insensitive, rude post.
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      Wow Earen. The world can only hope that asshole such as yourself gets hit by a truck today.


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        I'm not certain how long she's been a skotos member, but I think it has been a LONG time, as in nearly a decade or more so she isn't a new player. I enjoy playing with Jewel, as a player I really like the RP with her characters.

        Personally Earan, I think you have failed. Please go crawl back under your rock and leave the people who aren't harming anyone by requesting help to be able to play alone.

        As I have replied to her request int he "General Skotos" thread, I won't repeat my reasons for support of her request here.
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          That was actually pretty funny.

          My wandering days are over.


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            Didn't see what Earen wrote, but if anyone knows, could you send it to me, just because I'm curious? I know it was rude and insensitive...that's Earen for you.

            Oh and for the curious, I began playing Skotos in July or August of 2002, in Castle Marrach. My first experience that drew me into the game was the elementals, especially the Undine!