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  • Bibble!

    I'm afraid it's so long to Miles as I've been informed
    that it's not allowed to have 3 accounts without paying
    (the other being Quiff).

    I decided to keep Monodu as she was my first.

    Strange how this policy has only been enacted now, after like,
    3 years.

    Anyway, one last time:

    Miles dances like a robot


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    It's always been the game's policy of one account per player. For those who have abused this to a greater degree, punishments are sometimes given out. It's against Skotos' policy too, I should add.

    As for why it's been brought up now, and not the past, it's comes down to the host being an idiot and not noticing (or forgetting) that you had multiple accounts. When a player logs on very occasionally, such as once a year, it's one of those things that can get overlooked.

    Anyway, I can tuck away your spare characters and if you decide to pay for an account in the future, I can always move them over for you.


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      No worries Laz, it's Ok :-)

      Thanks for not banning me lol x