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Requesting player input -- how to improve game/increase turnout

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  • Requesting player input -- how to improve game/increase turnout

    Things have been rather slow gamewise lately, so thought I'd put up a post asking what players want to see here. Typically the feedback I get is something like: 'more players'. Which is something I want to see too, but unless I start cloning people, not much I can do directly about that.

    Although low on players, staff is still willing to run plots, make items, do normal game stuff.

    If there is a game mechanic you wish to see improved, or something I can do to make it more likely you'd log in, let me know. I can't promise to do major overhauls, but I can fix little things, etc.

    As an incentive for at least enough people to log in to run a mini plot or something, I'll give storypoints to any players who log in during the next several days and can provide me with good feedback on improving the game and turnout.

    We are also due for some restocking in our consignment shop, so I'll put some extra goodies in there too for any that show up.