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    During the past 2-3 weeks or so, we've had some new players join the game for the first time. They all appear to me to be very good RPers, active and overall good players.

    But the past 7-10 days we've seen less of them ... so I guess my question is, is there anything about the game that is causing you to log in less often? There is that catch-22 issue we tend to run into, where players don't stay logged in due to lack of other players... yet we have a lack of players due to players not staying logged in. But besides that, is there anything staff can do to make the game better for you?

    I spoke to several older players about setting up job hiring opportunities. We introduced a new VP that could lead to some extra work too. Myself and several older players remained logged in for a couple of evenings (entire evenings), just to arrange a plot, which we couldn't do because of a lack of players. So am I overlooking something that new players are interested in?

    Or is it simply you were visiting and lost interest after a short while?

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    I'm on vacation! Deni should be back more regularly next week.


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      Got tied up in RL taking care of my folks. I logged in a couple of times during the late late nights, but I was the only one on. I think the hours I come on are just sucky?
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        I've returned! I'm usually on after 6pm (eastern time). BUT if people are getting on between 10am and 2pm I can make it on then too. I've been around three-ish days and have gotten to play with 3 people (yay!) I'm trying to drum up some chaos in the colony to get people excited over, but every time I try to no one comes on. I dunno what was up with that surge of new players and then they suddenly disappeared. Sadly... I must have just missed that. But I'm back and ready to play with you all!


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          Sorry I haven't been around much lately. Been tied up with work and then all I want to do when I get home is laze around and recuperate. I'll try and pop on at some point with Vesper or Swain or some such. We'll see!

          Welcome newbies, by the way! Good to see you.

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            Hi guys

            Sorry I missed the spider hunt a few weeks back and sorry I haven't been around recently. Classes started up for me and I'm swamped with work all the time now. Depending on how caught up I can stay will determine when I can get on and play. Miss you guys! See you soon hopefully!