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    Just wanted to open a thread up to discuss the state of the game currently. It's probably no giant surprise that we have been short on players. I've noticed a little turnout lately and com chatter, so just wanted folks to know I'm still about... even if I'm not about when you happen to be.

    If you happen to log in and there aren't enough players on to do a whole lot, there are some single or small group activities that are available:

    Phibes' assignments -- but I assume most regular players know about these. If anyone is stuck at a higher level assignment that requires certain skilled players on to complete, let me know and I'll see about putting in a workaround.

    Virtual reality scenarios -- you can either download the scenarios created by other players, or create your own. There are several threads in this forum on how to get started. If you are confused on how it all works, leave me an assist or page me and I'll walk you through things. I'm currently offering storypoints to anyone who creates their own scenario, and doubling it for those who host a RPed scenario and manage to get players to log in to try it.

    There is also no rule in place that all scenarios even have to be ic. If someone wanted to make a 'Pirate Adventure' or a theme around superheroes, fantasy, or whatever, it is still fine, so long as you treat it as an ooc scenario. Meaning don't post icly about it, don't mention it icly or upload it into the database. But you are free to create/play it, let others know oocly and still save it to memory card in-game to replay whenever you wish.

    And I'm currently working on that coded plot I mentioned earlier here. Think of it as what Skotos used to call a stage (although tasks are coded), or if it was a more traditional game, a DLC. Basics are in place, but I still want to expand it a bit. It'll add some closure to at least one, maybe two, longterm plots here and add a lot of backstory info. It also won't require staff, large groups of players, any specific player or prop, or background knowledge of any plots, in order to complete it.