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  • Staffers?

    Can we get any staffers in game? I've been suffering from a bug for 3 days now basically leaving me out of the only thing there is to do in game right now.

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    I wasn't about during the weekend, until today, so didn't see any assists in regard to bugs. Log in during the evening this week if you can, and I'll take a look at it.

    I'll peek around while you are offline, but can't promise I'll find a fix right away.

    As for the 'only thing in the game to do right now' ... I understand the game can be slow when we have low player turnout, but assuming the issue hasn't crippled your character (and hopefully it hasn't), I'm not quite sure how it stops you from doing normal activities.

    The area where you are seeing that bug hasn't even been open for close to a year now.

    Edit: I think I see what the problem might be, but sort of need you around to fully test things. So just log in one night and yell at me and I think I can put in a fix.