I want folks to know that I just updated all old garment machines to our new model (pretend it was an over-the-air firmware update). You now have new colors and settings to play with, and no longer need datacards at all.

Just type on the machine what you want it to make. To see all options, type in 'Help'.

Ex: > type on my garment machine "help
The garment station can create the following clothes designs: "blanket", "boots", "dress", "dress-formal-strapless", "gloves", "jumpsuit", "pants", "shirt", "skirt", "socks", "socks-feminine", "socks-heavy", "underwear".

Now if you want to make a fancy jumpsuit, type in:

> type on my garment machine "jumpsuit
You have typed in 'jumpsuit' upon the keyboard. The machine registers your input and begins to calibrate.

The skill level required is 50% proficiency. The amount of fabric required is 80%.

You are not skilled enough to create the garment coded into the device.

Okay, so it looks like I need to stick to making socks. But you get the idea how it works.