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New System: Cooking Skill!

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  • New System: Cooking Skill!

    A new system has been released today, the cooking skill.

    Chef Cooke is the NPC for cooking, and he is located just north of the apartment lobby. He will answer all the questions that you ask him!

    Currently the cooking skill is limited to 25%, but that will be expanded upon with new additions being implemented over the coming weeks. In order to learn the skill, you will need to purchase a basic cooking kit, which comes with a starter lesson, a multicooker, a few flavor packs and a few recipe cards.

    You will need to study your starter cookbook before you can actually cook.

    To use your multicooker, the syntax is:

    >add my packet to cooker
    You carefully tear open your packet of mutton flavoring and add its contents to StoryHost Katie's multicooker.
    > scan my card into cooker
    You scan your stew recipe card into your multicooker.
    Your multicooker beeps in confirmation.
    > press vend 'meal
    You press the vend button on a multicooker.
    A multicooker beeps happily, ''Beginning process...''

    There are currently eight flavor packs, each randomising from their own list of ten unique flavors, for a total of eighty.

    There are currently five recipe cards, each randomising from their own list of ten unique recipes, for a total of fifty.

    More features will be added to the skillset over time.

    But here's a look at upcoming content:

    >add my toffee to my cooker
    You dice up a serving of toffee flavored pudding with diced peppermint and add it to your multicooker.
    >look at my cooker's screen
    You look at a multicooker's small screen.
    The screen flickers, displaying the images of the meal currently programmed into it.
    You have currently selected the following item:
    Meal: one serving of calzone with diced toffee
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