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Cheating - rules/penalties

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  • Cheating - rules/penalties

    Hello all,

    I just want to go over some basic rules here in regards to what is considered cheating.

    First off, no scripting/bots are allowed. What this means is, don't run any scripts that repeat certain actions, nor special programs that run while you are away from the game itself. Doing so is unfair to the other players and it can also cause lag to the game. Macros are allowed however, so long as you are actually typing in the macro command.

    Staff will monitor unusual activity, as well as put in safeguards within the code itself. If any player is caught running scripts, they may be automatically fined in-game (for any ill-gotten gains), have their skill levels altered, and their accounts may be suspended or banned permanently.

    Alt abuse - This one is a tad trickier to define, but basically, do not use one of your characters to benefit your main or any other characters under your account. This also applies to multiple accounts run by the same person (which, in itself, is also frowned upon by Skotos, unless you are paying for the multiple accounts). Do not share objects or wealth between any of your characters, even indirectly.

    This becomes a bit of a grey area regarding in-game knowledge. When several of your characters interact with the same people, it is harder to define exactly what one character knows... and another doesn't. To be safe, do not share information between any of your characters unless it is considered common knowledge.

    If caught abusing alts, your account may be suspended or banned.
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