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    Storypoint Price List for The Lazarus Project

    Storypoints are earned in several ways: by getting others to sign up for Skotos, others naming you as their mentor for their account, volunteering your services to Skotos, or paying for a Premium account. The staff of The Lazarus Project reserves the right to deny a request for any number of reasons, including items/descriptions not fitting the theme of the game, or being too crude for the environment.

    Note: For certain requests, you may also need to obtain in-game items or permission in order to receive the request. Requests should make sense thematically, and they also need to be obtained through in-game means. Depending on the situation, you may also be required to spend IC cash in addition to Storypoints.

    Use the @storypoint command to submit requests.

    Nicknames: 10 pts

    For ten Storypoints, you can add a nickname to your character. No longer do you have to face the wrath of your friends, or be ignored, due to your insanely large and hard-to-type name. It is up to the staff’s discretion if a nickname is appropriate.

    Special Gaits: 20 pts.

    If you are the sort who likes to make a grand entrance (repeatedly), or for whatever reason, feel you need to walk a certain way, we can make a permanent change to your gait. Only reasonable gaits are accepted, so don’t expect to fly into rooms or leap through doorways.

    Custom Trait: 25pts

    For twenty-five Storypoints, you can have one body part altered to a way more suiting to your character. For instance, if you are a recruit you could turn your muscles into ripped muscles. There will not be a limit to what body parts you wish to change. However, blatantly sexual suggestions will be declined. Discretion is the better part of valor.

    Item Integration: 25pts

    Perhaps you purchased a couch. Perhaps you have a cluttered room. Perhaps you want to keep everything in your room, but reduce the clutter. Integrating items into the room removes them from the look of the room, but leaves them in the room. You’d be able to interact with the object and be able to see it in the pull-down bar. Please note: this will be for private rooms only, unless staff grants otherwise.

    Item Trait: 50pts

    Tired of that black pistol? Want to shake things up? For a mere fifty Storypoints, you can alter the colour of your pistol to pink! This option is obviously not limited to merely pistols and the colour pink. Provided the item being altered is acceptable, your character will have a special delivery from Beta with your shiny altered object.

    Add Detail (Room): 50pts

    Perhaps for reasons only known to yourself, you desire a blue, colon-shaped bed in your room. Well, we understand your love for the human anatomy, and for that reason we give you room details! You can add a completely new detail, such as veins for your new colon bed. You also have the option of altering an existing detail, such as your current bed, in order to have your very own blue colon to sleep on. Please note: details cannot leave a room. Therefore, any details added or altered will remain in the room you desired.

    Special Object (No coding): 50-200pts

    Say, for some odd reason, you really want to show off your blue colon bed. Fine, we can do that too. Assuming the request is logical, and easily made, staff members would be able to grant you your colon bed. Depending on the size of the item, it may take some time due to IC reasons -- seeing as dragging a bed from Beta to Alpha may take some time.

    Special Object (With Coding): TBD

    At times, it may be necessary to have an item that is coded, such as your own form of weapon. Due to the complex nature of coding, and staff members having their coding skills directed elsewhere, these forms of items may take a very long while (lazy coders), and the price will vary with the amount of coding needed.

    Adding A Detail (Body): 100pts

    Ouch! That danged Xenomorph left me with a scar. What if you want a scar? Well, here is your answer! Not only do you get your new detail, but you don’t have to suffer through the Xenomorph like I did. This option is not limited to scars, any extra detail you desire will be considered. Wounds, extra fingers, mutations… but this will be at the discretion of the staff.

    Extra Character Slot: 100-200pts (Limited to basic/premium accounts)

    Are you running out of character slots? Do you want the excitement of several alts? Well, for one hundred story points, you can add one character slot to your account! But wait! For two hundred story points you can have twice the fun with two characters added to your account! These account slots are permanent, so you’d be able to delete and recreate, as your creative mind desires. (Please note: OOC abuse of alts will not be tolerated! This means YOU!)

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    Amended Story Point Costs:
    • Nicknames: 5 pts
    • Special Gaits: 10 pts.
    • Custom Trait: 15pts
    • Item Integration: 25pts
    • Room Descriptions: 25pts
    • Item Trait: 25pts
    • Add Detail (Room): 25pts
    • Special Object (No coding): 30-200pts
    • Special Object (With Coding): TBD
    • Adding A Detail (Body): 50pts
    • Extra Character Slot: 50-100pts (Limited to basic/premium accounts)
    • Custom Clothes, Jewelry, Furniture: 50-100pts


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      We are happy to announce that we will now be receiving Story Point requests for Special Objects (With Coding). Their prices are as follows. For a limited time over this December, prices are cut in half from what is listed.

      - 100 Story Points: Tier 1 - Reaction
      Your coded object will react when interacted with. Each additional reaction costs 50 Story Points.

      - 200 Story Points: Tier 2 - Alteration
      Your object can alter your eyes, hair, the color of your clothing, etc, and will have unlimited uses.

      - 300 Story Points: Tier 3 - Pet
      Your pet will come with 5 commands it will obey. Each additional command costs 100 Story Points. Examples of this can be found in all current pets.

      - 400 Story Points: Tier 4 - Weapon
      This can be any weapon that does not currently exist in the game and is thematic to the game. An example of this would be the recently added blasters, or Octavia's katana.

      - 500 Story Points: Tier 5 - Complex Item
      Complex items require specific coding and include: hunting companions, mounts, summons and items that spawn other items. An example of this would be Ariel's staff.

      Please not that all any any requests are subject to the availability of staff and the approval of the Lead Plotter, Lead Coder and Lead Builder respectively.
      ::The Lazarus Project::
      :::::The future of Mankind awaits you::::::