After some staff discussion, we've decided to allow players the option of purchasing in-game items with real artwork attached. The art will be displayed as a pop-up window, so to work, you can't have a pop-up blocker on in whatever browser you are using.

The price will be 25 storypoints, and it'll require the following items:

An in-game canvas, with text upon it describing the artwork.

The artwork itself, which you will need to be the creator/owner of, or have the legal permission to use. I want to stress this point, as if caught using art that does not belong to you, you may be suspended/banned from the game.

Skotos will handle hosting the image on the Lazarus server, and I'll put the images up there for you. The image size will vary based on the size of the canvas, (and it can't be gigantic either or it'll look really odd in-game). We haven't determined the resolution sizes yet for each canvas, so we'll wing it for now.

And I can resize/alter images via Photoshop for you too, if needed. Please provide artwork in jpg format.

Update: An artist is also available if you want professional quality art, but it is commissioned. Pricing is: Stylized artwork : CG Sketch portraits - $25-$40 CG Sketch full-body - $35-$60 With Background, an additional $25-$30 Realistic artwork is more, and you can contact the artist for details. Info can be found here: