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  • New Skill - Garment Making

    Hello all. We have just released a new skill set for making your own garments. It is currently a little limited, but we will expand it as we go along. You can find further info by typing 'Help Garment-Making' while in-game, but here is basically how it works:

    Several items are necessary to properly use this skill. This includes: a garment station, a design template card and a length of suitable fabric.

    To create a garment, one first needs to load the correct data into one's garment station. This is achieved via a design template card. Each card will list the type of garment it is coded for, along with how much fabric is required. To use the card, the correct command is: INSERT my design card into my garment station. Example: 'Insert my shirt design card into my garment station'. The data will then be loaded into the machine. NOTE: The card must remain in the machine while a garment is being processed. And each card will be calibrated for whichever machine it is first placed into. There is no limit on how often a card can be used, but it can be used in one garment station only.

    A certain level of skill is required to create certain garments. When purchasing a design card, the level of skill required will be noted upon the stock pricing list.

    After the design card has been inserted, a piece of suitable fabric will be needed to be placed inside the garment station. The amount of fabric must equal the amount necessary for the garment, and be in one single piece.

    The garment station has several dials which can be adjusted to allow for various colors and fittings of the finished product. The basic station includes: a color dial, an alteration dial and a sizing dial. To see all options available for each dial, simply EXAMINE it. The command to change a dial's settings is: TURN DIAL 'VALUE'. Example: Turn color dial 'blue'.

    Once the station has been programmed, you may create your garment using the command: ACTIVATE my station. A garment will be created from the enclosed fabric, inside the station itself. The final quality of the garment is based on both the user's skill as well as the quality of the fabric used.

    A design alteration device will allow you to imprint designs upon your garments. To use this device, the command is: ALTER my fabric 'DESIGN'. Example: Alter my cotton "frog".

    When creating a design, it is important to note that you must add a design upon the fabric before it is made into a final garment. Once the garment is finished, you no longer can add a design to it. The garment station include a design switch, which allows you to set the machine for a single or duplicating design. If set to single, only one design image will be imprinted upon the final garment. If set to duplicating, the design will appear in a duplicating pattern upon the entire garment. The available designs vary based on the skill of the user. There are also special designs, which become available once the user reaches a skill of 35% and 70% proficiency. These are more complex than the standard designs, and can encompass several sentences to describe the design or image.

    A textile merging device is an optional tool used to combine pieces of fabric. Most garments require only a certain percentage of a full length. The user may end up with scraps and pieces of partial lengths of fabric. The station requires a single piece, so in order to make use of partial lengths, the user can combine the pieces using this device. The command is: COMBINE my first fabric and my second fabric using merging device. Example: combine my first cotton and my second cotton using my merging device. NOTE: The fabrics must be of the same type to be merged. Final quality of any combined fabrics will be weighted based on the percentage of each.

    A garment scanner is an optional device used to ascertain the value of finished garments. The user can WAVE the scanner over their clothing, and a price will be emitted. This price is an appraisal of what the garment can be sold to a CNPC for. The scanner may be useful when determining a price to sell a garment to other characters, with a minimum price being what can be earned from a CNPC as a basis.
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