Just announcing a new little system allowing characters to sell various items in the consumer trade shop. You can now put any (or almost any) item you own on consignment, and when it sells, your character will automatically receive the credits.

The command is: Consign <my item> "price"
Example: Consign my gold watch "4000"

The item will then be put on the stock list in the store and can be purchased by any character in the game. If you later decide you don't want to sell the item or wish to change the price, the owner can retrieve the item by simply typing: Consign <item>
Example: Consign gold watch

And the merchant will hand the item back to you.

You will receive a com transmission from the merchant when the item sells, so long as you are logged on during the transaction. If off-line, you will still receive the credits, but you will not get a message.

Each character is currently limited to one item at a time for consignment, and foods and pets are not accepted by the merchant. I also suggest players do not put up rare or very valuable items just yet, until the system is fully tested.